Youth and Natural Disasters: Prepping for Survival

On October 25th, 2010, Indonesia was hit by a triple natural disaster. It is our responsibility to teach our children how to survive catastrophic events like this as when prepared? Youth and Natural Disasters are easier to handle: you help them take “ownership” of the event by teaching them to be prepared.

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Beginning on October 25th, 2010, Indonesia was blindsided by a triple natural hazard that turned catastrophic. The 7.7 earthquake shook Sumatra; only minutes later, a lethal tsunami pounded the shore. Then Mount Marapi began its devastating eruption.

Our Earth changes rapidly. We must be flexible to change with our environment. To do this, we must have an understanding of how our world works. This is true for our children as well.

Too often, we neglect to discuss natural hazards and disaster preparedness with our children. Maybe we feel they are too young. Perhaps we do not wish to worry them about something that may not happen. Or perhaps it is because we lack the information they should know.

Youth and Natural Disasters: How to Prep for Survival

Here are some quick things we can do to make sure we make a difference about how our kids handle things.


Even if we have had conversations with our children about these unexpected dangers, a deeper look into these phenomena will help our children and us subdue our fears while gaining knowledge. This will help us better prepare for and deal with a catastrophic event with a level head.

A huge part of communication is listening. Listen to your child. Their questions are critical. They may also have some excellent ideas that we have not thought of.


Our children must understand what to do and why. We teach them to call 911, to look both ways when crossing a street, and not to talk to strangers. We explore the reasons why with our child. We do this to help keep them safe even when we are not close by.

The last thing needed during an emergency is someone panicking. If we do not know what to do, it is frustrating and can become terrifying. During natural disasters, children are especially susceptible to anxiety, fear, and injury.

Natural disasters do not always come with a warning. Know what to look and listen for. This gives us precious seconds to take action and get to safety.

How to help kids deal with a fire

Our impact on our living world can directly influence the severity of the hazard. There are times catastrophes could have been avoided. Educate your Youth and Natural Disasters aren’t going to be as scary.


Surviving the initial incident is only part of what your children need to know. They also need to understand how to function in the aftermath. This could include evacuation, relocation, dealing with injuries, and eventually foraging for food and water.

Understanding it could be a long time before things are back to normal is very important for your child. Your survival kit is only a temporary solution. Show them where to find fresh water and food. Learn how to make a temporary shelter with your children.

helping a kid with surviving an earthquake

Haiti has shown us the need to learn about illnesses and infections and how to avoid them or deal with them. Another critical issue is teaching children how to stay clean and avoid contaminated waters.

Education & Research

Involve your children in helping to prepare a survival kit. Discuss with them why you want to make the kit. Ask the kids what things they believe should be put in them and why. Be sure to talk with your child about the different situations the kit may be useful in.

how to help kids survive a tornado

Research our living world with your child. It will be enlightening and exciting. Learn how the Earth changes and how those transformations can directly affect us. Pay particular attention to hazards common to the area you live in. If you change your residence and move to a new region, update your knowledge, as well as your survival kit.

Recognize that this does not mean only learning what to do during an event, but what caused that event in the first place, and what to do after the event. Replace the mystery with knowledge.

Exploration & Experimentation

Learning about Earth’s forces will beckon us to explore our part of the world. Take educational field trips. Learn about natural historical events of your region. Above all, ask questions and search for answers. You and your child are an investigative team. Learn all you can, search for clues, and enjoy Mother Nature.

Children learn through doing. Preparing for the unexpected is no different. Have practice drills for hazards you may face. Find science models and experiments to give kids a visual link to what they’ve learned.

how to help a kid survive a natural disaster

Natural disasters frequently sneak upon us. The quicker we can recover from the surprise, the faster we are able to take action, and the longer we can sustain it. With education, practice, and discussion, our children can be the voice of reason in emergency situations. Give our children a fighting chance.

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Youth and Natural Disasters

10 Creative Entertainment Ideas for Kids during a Pandemic

During a pandemic, everyone is affected irrespective of gender or age. People from all walks of life are affected, and kids are not spared. By their very nature, kids are hyperactive- they need to move, they need to interact, and focus on specific activities.


Quarantine can be difficult for all, but entertainment ideas for kids are important, as they don’t often understand WHY we are all stuck at home.

Entertainment Ideas for Kids

Not being able to go to school, play with other kids, or just run outside can have a lasting impact on their lives. It is every parent’s and guardian’s responsibility to minimize the adverse effects of the lockdown on children. Doing this requires a certain level of creativity throughout the lockdown. 

Play fun group games

There are quite a number of board games that your kids can play to stay distracted during a pandemic. The most important thing to keep in mind is to stick to the kind of games that they love. You can also take part in some of the games to make things more interesting.

You could pick the game once in a while. Instead, try to involve the kids in the selection of a game. Stress to them that selecting a game is their responsibility.


Play brain-stimulating games

Brain games or games that challenge the intellect will not only keep your kids mentally sharp but will also keep them competitive and entertained.

Compliment your children when they complete a level or stage to keep them motivated and feeling proud. Encourage them when they fail to achieve a certain level the same way you would encourage them when they are doing their homework. 

Try online games

You can also try playing online games with your kids or let them play with their friends online can be a great addition to our list of entertainment ideas for kids. However, keep a close eye on the kind of games and activities they choose to play online. 

entertainment ideas for kids helping with household chores

Let your kids help with the household chores

Household chores are yet another activity; aside from games, you can engage with your kids. Teach them or ask them to give you a hand with the tasks and make it enjoyable.

They can help prepare their favorite meal, help set the table, and help clean the house by dusting the furniture. They can also help with washing or folding the laundry. Some kids love it when they do something that their parents encourage or ask them to do. So, give it a try! 

Start a family project

You can come up with specific family projects that your kids can participate in. It could be any type of project that your kids will love. It does not have to be a school project. It could be the kind of project that they can actively contribute to.

For example, you can grow pot-based plants, repaint the bedrooms, or build a 3D puzzle or create your genealogical tree. You could even learn a family dance on YouTube or form a band if you have instruments lying around.

Give them books to read

Books are a great way of keeping your kids’ minds off the pandemic. So, try giving them books to read. You could give every child a different book according to their age and then ask for a 5-minute summary every day before they go to bed.

This will not only keep them busy, but it will also perfect their intellect as well as feed their curiosity. Make sure there is a reward for each completed book. Try the site for cool ideas on things to do with certain books like her Seven Wonders Unit Study .

entertainment ideas for kids reading a book

Help with their schoolwork

While kids stay at home while schools are closed, they may be given assignments and homework. You can keep your kids entertained by helping them out with their homework.

If the school does not provide them with any work to do while at home, you can come up with your assignments. Focus on areas that your child is currently struggling with at school to help make the work understandable. 

Watch movies with them

Movies are, without a doubt, a great source of entertainment for both adults and kids. You could watch one or two videos a day with your kids as a form of entertainment. Check out for fun things to do with movies like: How to Host a Magical Aladdin Movie Family Fun Night

blowing bubbles with a kid

Have them come up with their own ideas of entertainment

Coming up with great ideas of entertainment for your kids is a good thing. Nonetheless, if you want them to enjoy themselves truly, you can let them come up with their own forms of entertainment.

Doing so is also a great way to empower them when you have run out of ideas. All you have to do is approve of the kind of entertainment they choose and participate cheerfully when asked. 

Help cultivate their talents

Every dark cloud indeed has a silver lining. Even during a pandemic, your kids’ skills can be improved. You can take advantage of the situation and find ways of enhancing or also discovering your child’s talent. For example, if your child is an aspiring artist, encourage the artist in him or her by buying color books, pencils, and crayons.

You could also go the extra mile by visiting reputable art galleries online and explaining what each photo symbolizes, where and when the painting was made, and what inspired the artist to produce that particular painting. Try the site for cool ideas on things to do with the littles in the world of STEM!

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Get Your Pandemic Kit Ready For Emergencies

The key to surviving a pandemic with the minimum effect is to be prepared. It is even more relevant if there is going to be a lockdown. That is why a Pandemic Kit is something you need to consider.


To prepare for a pandemic and a possible lockdown, you have to put together an emergency kit and store essential supplies.


Any good prepper already has an emergency kit — you should only have to tweak it a little bit to upgrade it for the purposes of a pandemic.

An emergency kit you should have before an outbreak

Before there is even a worldwide outbreak, you should have the following items in your emergency kit:

  • Purchase and keep some prescription medication and over-the-counter medicines. Prescription medication includes any form of medication that you would typically take for your existing condition. Over-the-counter medicines include analgesics, antiemetic, stomach relievers, antihistamines, vitamins, etc. Take good note of the expiry dates for your medication and make sure to renew it at least 30 days before it expires.
  • Ask for copies of your medical records from your physician. These can be very useful to first responders in the event of an emergency during a pandemic.
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers for the different government departments.
  • Store reasonable quantities of tinned or dry food and bottled water.
  • Store sanitary and Hygiene products.
  • Have a First-Aid kit readily available– usual antiseptic, bandage, gloves, scissors, and plaster bands are essential to attend to any bumps or bruises while confined at home.
  • Household spares and DIY kits can also become handy if you need to replace light bulbs or conduct minor repairs. So, it is always advisable to buy in advance the right type of spare bulbs which you use at home as well as the standard batteries for household equipment. A general DIY toolkit can also be of essential help since hardware stores would most likely be closed during a lockdown.
Pandemic kit canned goods in a pantry

Refill and update your emergency pandemic kit during an outbreak 

Once a situation is declared a pandemic, refill and upgrade your emergency kit according to the type of situation. The following items must be checked and be available if possible:

  • A thermometer to control body temperature. If you live with other people, it is best to get a digital non-contact thermometer. Don’t also forget to buy spare batteries for your digital thermometer!
  • Hand sanitizers and liquid soap are a must.
  • A backup glucometer to measure blood sugar if you or any member of your family has diabetes.
  • One-time use only surgical gloves.
  • Sanitary masks, if agents of the outbreak are transmissible by air or droplets. Pay attention to the health authorities and get the right sanitary masks they recommend.
  • Food to last you for a week or two. When storing food for a pandemic, always make sure you think of other people as well. Do not overbuy to the extent that you create shortages for other people.
  • Update and refill your medication. Add other medication that is related to the outbreak as instructed by the authorities.
Pandemic Kit first aid supplies

Other things you may wish to add:

  • Ingredients from alternative medication can also be useful during a pandemic. Get lemons, honey, ginger, cinnamon, mint leaves, essential oils, and other natural agents known to have healing or antiseptic properties.
  • Entertainment material. Depending on your interests and the number of family members, books and magazines are always a good option. Board games and group games, as well as other entertainment activities for multiple people, is also an excellent choice to keep.
  • If you have pets, do not forget to buy pet food.
  • You should also get some stationery and other office-related supplies just in case you have to self-isolate and work from home.
  • If you can afford it, an Air-Purifying respirator can be a good and useful investment.

When preparing or refilling your emergency pandemic kit, remember always to check expiration dates for perishable items. Do not also forget to think about other people, meaning DO NOT OVER-BUY.

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How to Protect Your Home from Intruders

How to Protect Your Home from Intruders? The best way to protect what you have is not to let anyone know that you have it. If everyone in your area understands that your home has medicine and supplies, they’re going to make a run on it. 

How to Protect Your Home from Intruders

Be quiet about what you have. No one outside your home should know what’s in there. Be careful about letting little children know what’s in the house. They tend to be a bit more open and will blurt things out faster than adults will – even to perfect strangers. 

How to Protect Your Home from Intruders Who Want to Steal Your Medication and Supplies

Amid a full-blown pandemic, if everything is in chaos, those who want to rob and loot are going to go from home to home looking for what they need as well as valuables. 

Fortify the Building

Make your home as difficult as possible to get into. Re-enforce all the doors and windows in your house. Use things like police locks and plywood to protect against glass being busted into. 

Never make it easy for a possible intruder to enter your home. Sometimes people will leave things lying around outside that a thief can use to break in with. Get rid of any large rocks or bricks that can be used to smash into windows or through the wood. 

How to Protect Your Home from Intruders with an ax in a chopping block

Don’t have garden tools where a thief can get to them to use them as a way to break in. Anything that can be used as a projectile should be out of sight. Walk around the perimeter of your house and look at it the way a thief would. 

Test it Out

If you were one, how would you break into your home? Try to find the most accessible access points and make sure they’re not easy for a thief. Secure your garage door by bracing it from the inside. 

Secure all Doors

We are talking about ALL doors – any possible way someone can try to enter your home.

Garage doors

You might not think that this is a big problem, but the door between your home and garage is usually a hollow core gem. THAT is easy to break through if you can get into the garage.

Sadly, that can be pretty easy to do.

People hunt often for unlocked car doors in order to steal garage door openers – in hopes that they can return later, when no cars are visible, and use that electronic key to enter your house through the garage.

They also know how to jimmy a garage door open with something as simple as a coat hanger and your garage door safety release!

You can place a long piece of steel through the slide that rides along with the brackets that open the door. That way, no matter how hard your thief tugs on the handle, the garage door will not give way. 

Glass Sliding Doors

If you have sliding doors, thieves know how to pop these off the track and gain access to your house. To prevent this from happening, place a dowel rod or a piece of wood in the slider track that’s cut to exact measurements for that slot. 

We have talked before about how to use those blocking bars, as well as installing shatterproof film and even about installing a security pin ... but check out this video on what a thief actually thinks:

“Breaking in is never the problem. You move fast, get in, hit it…and get out.”

Border Patrol

Looking at the world OUTSIDE of your doors, let’s see what you can do for increased security.

Fence it in

Having a fence around your home can help make would-be thieves want to move on because sometimes a fence can cause others to wonder if you have a dog or not.

Check for estimates with a few different companies and decide if chain link or wooden privacy fences are better for you.

We have a mix of both, but we also have a dog…

Find Fido

Having a dog can be an excellent way to keep intruders at bay – but you want to have a dog that looks like he means business. 

It is OK to put up those Beware of Dog signs and leave a pile or two of poop where someone can see it – every bit helps!

Arm Yourself

The only thing I want to say about guns here – is that make sure you know how to use it and that you also know how to store them safely. We like these:

Secure It Gun Storage Accessories – Shelves, Door Organizers, Gun Wall Panels, Hand Gun Storage – Your One Stop Gun Storage Solution Shop Now
How to Protect Your Home from Intruders with a handgun

During times of pandemics, people can get pretty desperate to get their hands on supplies. Arming yourself and hiding supplies can mean life or death for you and your loved ones. It isn’t that hard when you know how to protect your home from intruders.

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