Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs Populations: Survival Kits for Disabled and Elderly

Put together a disaster survival kit for an elderly or disabled person to save a life in the event of an emergency. Kits prepare you for earthquakes and other events…and we hear a lot about those. We just don’t often hear about Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs Populations.

Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs Populations article cover image

The elderly and disabled are extremely vulnerable during natural disasters, and may not be aware of necessary measures for their protection. FEMA doesn’t exactly cover this.

Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs Populations

Emergency preparedness kits are simple to compile and can save the life of someone as he awaits rescue or aid. Supply of critical medication, food items, a first aid kit, and items for comfort should be part of emergency gear added to a disaster survival kit for an elderly or disabled person.

Critical Medicine for an Emergency Preparedness Kit:

Whether you’re putting together an emergency kit for a friend or family member, or assisting him in the process of putting a kit together, remember that medications may play a critical role in his survival.

Anyone with a life-threatening condition should ensure that the emergency kit contains a supply of all necessary medications. Create a mini-kit of perishable medications to be kept in the refrigerator in an insulated container such as a thermos. In the event of an emergency, these medications will remain cool during the wait for rescue or other assistance.

First Aid Kits are Part of a Well-Prepared Disaster Survival Kit:

In an emergency or natural disaster, there may be minor or major injuries. Including a well-stocked first-aid emergency kit with other disaster supplies help to prevent the injuries from becoming even more serious due to neglect.

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The kit should include bandages, antiseptic, pain relievers, and other common items, as well as a first-aid manual to help in the treatment of injuries or illness.

Food Items to Include in an Emergency Supply Kit:

Dehydrated and freeze-dried foods are essential additions to an emergency supply kit. Meals-Ready-To-Eat, also known as MRE’s, are a military staple and will not go bad in storage. Please pay careful attention to the nutritional needs of the individual who may be using the emergency supply kit when you put it together.

A senior citizen who has diabetes, for example, should have foods in her kit that will not cause blood sugar problems. Food allergies could also cause a reaction, so ingredients should be examined carefully.

Also, at least three gallons of water should be included in the emergency supply kit, enough to last one person for three days. For more information, read the list of suggested foods at Ready.Gov.

Comfort Items in an Emergency Supply List:

Personal cleanliness is important to avoid disease and infection after a disaster. Including anti-bacterial wipes, toilet tissues, and other cleansing products improves the comfort level of a senior or disabled person during an emergency.

Incontinence undergarments, or adult diapers, may also be necessary. A blanket, extra clothing, a flashlight, a radio, and extra batteries are all helpful additions to an emergency supply list as well.

Compiling disaster survival kits for loved ones who may need special care during an emergency can increase their chance of survival during the wait for emergency personnel. Emergency supply kits are simple to put together but should contain enough food, medical supplies, and supplies to ensure comfort during emergencies.

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Things To Stock Up On NOW Because They Are The First To Vanish

There comes a time when we all have to stock up on a few items, and there are some that are needed more than others. But, the interesting thing about everything is that some of the items do seem weird and leave you asking…why do I need to buy this?

Things To Stock Up On article cover image

Well, after the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world in 2020, there was a different outlook on life and what was required for purchase to take home. Interestingly, people started panic buying, and before long, we all realized they were needed more than anything else. The question of Things To Stock Up On was answered.

Things To Stock Up On NOW Because They Are The First To Vanish – We Learned This With The Panic Shoppers In March ’20

The most popular items were in high numbers on the shelves, but after information started circulating, they became so scarce. Can you imagine, toilet paper, that was so plenty could not be found at any store in the country, and they had to be imported from other countries? Yes, it was that serious at one point!

Based on everything that became scarce, we have identified a few of the essential items you may want to stock up on now before it gets worse. If you wish to, believe it or not, this pandemic will stick around longer than we think, and these items will forever be going off the shelves very fast…

Paper Products

Toilet Paper and Paper Towels are easy to stock up on and never expire! It was said diarrhea was a significant symptom of Covid-19, as well as they were needed to cough and sneeze in, in case you have the virus. It was highly recommended to sneeze and cough in a disposable napkin instead of a rag or towel, and, as such, people rushed these items above everything else.


Soaps of all kinds are in high demand as it is recommended to wash your hands and clothes as often as possible. Each time you touch a surface, you have to wash your hands before touching your face.

Also, seeing you don’t know who has the virus, you can come in contact with them, and should they cough, and it touches your clothes, you have to ensure it is washed before you mix it with any other linens at home. They should certainly be on your list of things To Stock Up On.

Cleaning Agents

We are talking about Cleaning Supplies like bleach, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, along with trash bags and sanitizers here. Cleaning is critical to slowing the spread of the virus, and as such, you have to ensure you do lots of cleaning and sanitizing.

The virus can live on different kinds of surfaces for up to nine hours, and seeing you don’t know who has the virus, you can never tell if they touched the area you are accessing. The alcohol and hand sanitizers, according to health professionals, should contain at least 70% Isopropyl to kill the virus from your hands.

Trash bags are also important as the materials you use to clean, such as the paper towel or cloth, should be thrown out immediately.


Think Blistex, Carmex, Lotion, and Coconut Oil for Dry Skin & your lips. You need to get moisturizers because having to come in contact with the cleaning products, and the alcohol regularly can dry out your hands and leave the pores open and susceptible to picking up other elements.

Take, for instance, the lotion and coconut oil, which have healing and repair elements that help you to build back any damages or blisters which the abrasive products may cause.

Storage Products

Trash Bags, Foil Ziploc Bags – these are the things to focus on here. Storage products are needed at this time because you have a lot you need to put away, especially in the refrigerator. You can bulk prepare your food and stack them away in the freezer, or you may need to store up a few items and need extra space to stack them.

Medicated Items

You need to ensure you get all your meds in advance as there will be instances you can’t go outdoors, and you can’t risk doing without them. A lot of countries’ health systems allow persons to purchase their prescribed medication in bulk (up to three months supply for usual one-month supplies).

This will give you a better opportunity to stay in and not have to face the dangers of what is happening outside. Take note, Gatorade may seem like a simple drink, but it is a powerful source for providing strength and building one’s system during weakness. It is like Pedialyte for adults. Look into Vick Vaporub and Vitamins too!

General Items

There are a few general items you will need to get before they run out as they, too, are going fast. Items like candles, matches, cooking gas, lighters, and more are needed in case you can’t be out, and the need calls for it. You should also stock up on pads and tampons if there are persons in the house who need them.

You should also consider getting a portable sewing kit, whether needle & thread or one of those hand-held sewing machines. This will enable you to make one of the most needed items of this period – masks. There are many others you will need to get depending on your household requirements.

Food Items You May Need

In addition to all the items listed above, there are a few food items you may need to grab while you are out as they are needed, just the same. Even though you can grow a lot of plants like vegetables in your backyard, there are others you can’t do without but unfortunately cannot grow there. These items include stuff you might need for baking, cooking, and other activities…

Butter, salt, sugar, cooking oils, flour, pectin, yeast, milk (liquid, condensed, dry), vinegar, spices, and pet foods. There are lots more you may get based on your needs. Also, when making your shopping list, ensure you add food items with lots of vitamin C as this is great to help your immune system combat the dreaded Coronavirus.

Security for Your Home

In light of the virus, there are lots of things going on, including loss of jobs and business, and this is only an onset for more dangerous things to happen – like looting and riots!

It may sound weird that you need to prepare for events such as these, but they are imminent. 2020 will be a year to go down in the record books as so much stuff has already happened and from the look of things…much more is left to come. From the world pandemic to looting and riots all over the country with people protesting injustice and many other things, you may need to safeguard your home. Here are a few must-haves to help you prepare…

* Plywood – You may have to build some barriers for your home to keep the “inside in and the outside out” thus, the need to have a few sheets of plywood is critical. Whichever way you choose to build your barrier is up to you, but it is safe to have them on hand.

* Hammer & Nails; Screws & Screwdriver – Sounds like it’s a war, but based on what reality is presenting, you will need them, especially for the above-noted barrier source. Just imagine you will have to nail barriers across your gate, doors, or even windows.

* Source of Information – You can always watch the news and updates on the television or read it in the papers, but who said with the potential of what’s currently happening the papers will be able to reach you, or your electricity will remain intact? As such, a transistor radio with extra batteries is critical, as you will be kept up to date on what’s going on.

* Tarps/Heavy Plastic Sheeting; Duct Tape – Anything is possible with the current happenings, and you have to help keep yourself protected from the “outside world” (outside your home). Getting a roll of heavy plastic sheeting (or a few rolls of them) will come in handy.

Reducing Boredom While Locked In are Things To Stock Up On too!

Staying indoors can be a great feeling, but after a while, you are tempted to go out to have a little fun. Well, this may not happen soon, so you will need to take the fun inside. Stock up on a few fun games and pleasure items to keep you occupied while you wait for the dreaded period to be over. You may want to have some board games, puzzles, books, snacks, and probably lots of juice – a little bear won’t hurt!

2020 was certainly a trying year for everyone, and getting through safely is the best bet we all can hope to win. The game now is to stay safe and be on the lookout.

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A List of Home Based Businesses to Support Your Loved Ones

If the world becomes infected with an airborne illness or highly contagious disease such as Ebola, you may find that it’s impossible to do many of the things you would normally do for work. A List of Home Based Businesses might be just the thing you need!

Start Building a Work at Home Business to Support Your Loved Ones

It may be too hazardous actually to travel to an office, and you may find that you need to look for alternatives to work at home. Working online can be a simple way for you to earn a basic income when you’re not able to keep your usual routine. That is why I have A List of Home Based Businesses for you.

If you have a good computer and Internet connection, there are many things you can do to create some income while you’re waiting for life to return to normal. The easiest way to make money online quickly is to provide a service.

So start creating a list of any type of service that you can provide to other people through online methods. You may need to have multiple streams of income to meet your needs while working at home.

A List of Home Based Businesses to consider when it comes to working online include:

Writing – Many people need writers who can create articles and web content for their online businesses. You can work with people all over the world without ever having to leave your home and provide a service that is in demand.

Taking Orders

Many companies hire people to take orders through online services and the phone. Just about any business that needs to take orders can utilize people who work from home to do it.

Graphics and Design

Many businesses need people who can create graphics and design web pages. All of this work can be done from home using websites such as Elance, ODesk, or Fiverr to reach out to new clients. It really isn’t that hard to even start a digital Etsy store! How I Made $200 a Day From my Couch talks more about what I learned and put to the test.

Affiliate Marketing

You can create blogs and websites that help to promote other people’s products. In return, you can receive a commission for any product purchased through your personal link.

Just about every retailer has an affiliate program online that allows you to earn money for reviewing products and making recommendations. Recommend things you use at home!

Hidden Talents

It can help to think about what it is you can do that not many other people can. There are all kinds of opportunities online for you to share your talents.

For example, if you’re skilled at something such as building, sewing, or cooking, you can make money teaching others how to do it – or creating things to ship out from home, too!

Creating an income stream from online work can help you get through difficult times when it’s impossible to get to work outside of your home. But you’ll want to begin as soon as possible so that you have time to build your business before you need to depend on it 100%.

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Emergency Prep Merit Badge For Boy Scouts

There are specific steps one must go through to earn their Emergency Prep Merit Badge, and though many people see it as complicated, it is a rather easy task. But how easy? It entails general tasks and features one must complete being successful in what they are working towards. When applying for the Emergency Prep Merit Badge, there are specific requirements that one ought to follow:

Emergency Prep Merit Badge For Boy Scouts article cover image

Emergency Prep Merit Badge For Boy Scouts

Earning the First Aid Merit Badge.

* Discussing the fundamental aspects of emergency preparedness such as prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. Also, you should ask any question you deem fit that will help you in the process of adequately prepare yourself.

In addition to these general guides, you should also be able to understand and demonstrate the various requirements (prevention, protection, etc.) for all of the following emergencies:

  • Home Explosions
  • Food-borne Disease
  • Vehicle Aid (from blizzards, stuck in the desert or snow)
  • Earthquake or tsunami
  • Sea-related incidents
  • Toxic chemical accidents  
  • Automobile Incidents
  • Fire Accidents
  • Flooding
  • Gas Leakage
  • Nuclear power plant emergencies
  • Any other emergencies

You should also have set times when you meet with your family and discuss the ideas of building emergency kits, escape plans, and additional charts that help to keep the family safe during an emergency. After a family meeting, discuss the results with your counselor as well as the feedback of your family meeting. Through the discussion, you ought to show or demonstrate how you would safely rescue a family in the case of an emergency such as:

  • Contact with an electric wire
  • Contact with an enclosed area filled with carbon monoxide
  • Clothes caught on fire
  • You also need to show practical ways of communicating with rescue planes or aircrafts
  • Show how to transport an injured person out of different areas (building, remote locations, etc.). You can do this with the aid of another person.

You are required to fully explain the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS). Also, you will need to identify each local body or authority you can contact during an emergency and what their respective roles are. There are other requirements you will have to work through that you can research.

A great boy scout site

Now, before I keep going, I wanted to share a great Boy Scout site for ideas on just about anything you could possibly need. Check it out here:

Cub Scout Ideas

The Emergency Prep Merit Badge Workbook/Worksheet and Pamphlet

The Emergency Prep Merit Badge Workbook is a guide that helps individuals understand and master the skill of preparing and working through emergencies. Going through the workbook, you will get to assess your skills and understanding as well as see how well you will be able to cope in case something happens. The workbook is an assessment that helps you meet the basic requirements of earning your merit badge. The workout spaces on the workbook help to keep you focused and demonstrate how much you have learned from your various meetings and discussions. Make notes for revision as well as other notes you may have gotten from learning sessions.

The worksheet details spaces where you will need to explain, tell, show, identify, or demonstrate how to perform each task as per the requirements. Though this workbook is a particular way of determining how to earn your badge, your merit badge counselor may not use the same format for assessment or even use it at all. This workbook goes through various revisions at different intervals.

With the worksheet, there is also a pamphlet that has the information you need to get educated and prepared for what will happen. You may need to go through the booklet to fully understand how to complete the worksheet. The brochure will help you a lot.

Emergency Prep Kit Ideas

Emergency preparedness kits are a must in every home as emergencies can strike at any time. You would not want to risk the idea of having to face the harsh happenings of reality and not have the essential items needed for survival. The kits vary in size, and the things differ as per every household. However, there are general items that every emergency kit should have like water, toiletries, and medication. You can make your kit or purchase ready-made kits that have the essential tools and items you need.

Not sure how to make your kit, right? Here are a few ideas you can consider to follow:

1. Sustain Supply 72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit


This kit provides the necessary items needed for survival up to 72 hours in case an emergency strikes. It provides tools for critical needs like warmth and hydration.

2. ER Emergency-Ready Tornado/Hurricane Survival Kit


Hurricanes and tornados are natural disasters that, even though you can predict them, there is no sure way of telling the damage it will cause. This emergency kit is a waterproof bucket that contains the essential supplies needed to keep you going through the storm.

3. Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug-out Bag


You may have to rush out when an emergency strikes, and there may not be enough time to pack things together. As such, you may need to have something ready on hand to go, and what better option to have than this emergency kit. It has essential supplies to keep you for a few days until you can venture out for more needed items.

An emergency is what it is because it has no warning signs when it will strike. Being prepared is what makes the difference and how you will be able to cope through the event. Get the information, understand it, practice, and plan.

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Best Prepper Books Worth Purchasing

Best Prepper Books Worth Purchasing? A lot of people believe books are going out of fashion but that by itself is a lie. There are some amazing books out there that are worth the purchase and will leave you wanting to get another. One way to find interesting books is to align your search with your interest – what you love the most.

Best Prepper Books

If no other time is best to search out some amazing books, now is, especially if you are locked in and need something to occupy your time. Don’t know where to start?

Best Prepper Books Worth Purchasing

We have found a few that you might love and would be interested in checking out…as you can’t always access the internet for answers during an emergency situation. That is why we came up with this best prepper books list.

The Nurses Handbook

This book presents you with some of the best nursing guidelines you would need to help you go through life and its happenings. The Nurses Handbook presents a full-scope guide on how to handle every phase of nursing assessment to include all patient types from different backgrounds.

It teaches you the steps needed to cover all aspects of the nursing mission from the interview process of the clients through to the assessment, findings, and recovery. With this handbook, you will get a rich history of health’s best practices, physical examination, intervention, diagnosis, and much more.

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Portable RN: The All-in-One Nursing Reference

Portable RN: The All-in-One Nursing Reference is a full guide to understanding how to deal with the daily happenings of taking care of your patient. The book details health assessment techniques to include medical findings, lab test interpretation, nursing procedures, health precautions, pain management, and more.

In addition to the noted benefits of reading this book, you will also get vast knowledge on the latest ventilator modes, how to reduce or correct obstructed airways, procedures of new medications as well as patient safety. You will also get information about different diseases and infections and how to treat them.

Natural Healing Wisdom – A Know-How

As the name suggests, you can rest assured you are in for a few interesting details as it relates to alternative and natural medicines. Numerous health practices can be used as a substitute for treating certain health conditions to include herbal remedies, homeopathy, energy healing, naturopathy, Eastern medicine, and so much more.

You can also learn how to cure various ailments using natural remedies and effective ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle all year round. This book has been formulated based on information collected and researched from experienced herbalists and natural-remedy doctors from all across the globe. The front of the book provides a guided outline of what to expect from your read.

Food Storage for Self Sufficiency

Food storage is always an issue for most people, and getting it right can be a struggle sometimes. Our current reality has jolted us in a state where we have to pre-cook and store foods just in case of an emergency, and the norm is not available.

For a fact, there are times when we are not able to go out, and the only source of survival is our effort in storing and accessing these foods. After all, the tips presented in this book will guide you on how to survive all year-round with food storage and on a budget. You will learn the tips and tricks of storing foods customized to meet your family’s needs (size, income, health concerns, age, taste, etc.).

Here’s a general guide to what this amazing book presents…

You can save a lot when it comes to food storage, and this book will be your best to achieve this mission. Self-sufficiency is important, and there are loads of information you will benefit from.  

Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre

If there is no other time you need to start your gardening, it is now, and the current conditions have pushed one to accept this fate. Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre will help you to understand the processes of getting your seeds, preparing both them and the land, planting, maintaining, and reaping.

Backyard gardening is a great way to not only save but also to plant what you desire and eat from healthier. Whether you are a farmer or not, the guides presented in this book will help you to achieve the goal of having your vegetables at the tip of your finger.

You will learn about the different types of soils, prepping tips, different types of seedlings and plants, and so much more. Mini Farming teaches you to spend less cash while getting more products on your dining table.

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners: A Simple Guide to Growing Vegetables at Home

Growing your backyard garden is the way forward as life has thrown some unexpected stuff at us, and we have to look at life differently. We know a lot of you may not have done this before and think it is hard to accomplish. However, Vegetable Gardening for Beginners: A Simple Guide to Growing Vegetables at Home is here to give you a complete guide on how to start the process, go through with growing and maintaining, and eventually harvesting.

Having your garden to reap from is satisfying and gives you that sense of inner peace, knowing what you are eating and how they were grown. This beginner guide will help you understand the basics of planting and growing and other factors such as soil choices, seedling choices, and maintaining tips to keep your plants bearing longer than usual.

You will get to understand the planning, prepping, planting, and reaping processes to manage your backyard gardening.

There is a lot to learn, especially now that life has taken a drastic turn and changed the way we normally look at life. You will love the ideas you learn from these best disaster books and applying them to your life will reap rewarding benefits.

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