Emergency Prep Merit Badge For Boy Scouts

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There are specific steps one must go through to earn their Emergency Prep Merit Badge, and though many people see it as complicated, it is a rather easy task. But how easy? It entails general tasks and features one must complete being successful in what they are working towards. When applying for the Emergency Prep Merit Badge, there are specific requirements that one ought to follow:

Emergency Prep Merit Badge For Boy Scouts article cover image

Emergency Prep Merit Badge For Boy Scouts

Earning the First Aid Merit Badge.

* Discussing the fundamental aspects of emergency preparedness such as prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. Also, you should ask any question you deem fit that will help you in the process of adequately prepare yourself.

In addition to these general guides, you should also be able to understand and demonstrate the various requirements (prevention, protection, etc.) for all of the following emergencies:

  • Home Explosions
  • Food-borne Disease
  • Vehicle Aid (from blizzards, stuck in the desert or snow)
  • Earthquake or tsunami
  • Sea-related incidents
  • Toxic chemical accidents¬†¬†
  • Automobile Incidents
  • Fire Accidents
  • Flooding
  • Gas Leakage
  • Nuclear power plant emergencies
  • Any other emergencies

You should also have set times when you meet with your family and discuss the ideas of building emergency kits, escape plans, and additional charts that help to keep the family safe during an emergency. After a family meeting, discuss the results with your counselor as well as the feedback of your family meeting. Through the discussion, you ought to show or demonstrate how you would safely rescue a family in the case of an emergency such as:

  • Contact with an electric wire
  • Contact with an enclosed area filled with carbon monoxide
  • Clothes caught on fire
  • You also need to show practical ways of communicating with rescue planes or aircrafts
  • Show how to transport an injured person out of different areas (building, remote locations, etc.). You can do this with the aid of another person.

You are required to fully explain the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS). Also, you will need to identify each local body or authority you can contact during an emergency and what their respective roles are. There are other requirements you will have to work through that you can research.

A great boy scout site

Now, before I keep going, I wanted to share a great Boy Scout site for ideas on just about anything you could possibly need. Check it out here:

Cub Scout Ideas

The Emergency Prep Merit Badge Workbook/Worksheet and Pamphlet

The Emergency Prep Merit Badge Workbook is a guide that helps individuals understand and master the skill of preparing and working through emergencies. Going through the workbook, you will get to assess your skills and understanding as well as see how well you will be able to cope in case something happens. The workbook is an assessment that helps you meet the basic requirements of earning your merit badge. The workout spaces on the workbook help to keep you focused and demonstrate how much you have learned from your various meetings and discussions. Make notes for revision as well as other notes you may have gotten from learning sessions.

The worksheet details spaces where you will need to explain, tell, show, identify, or demonstrate how to perform each task as per the requirements. Though this workbook is a particular way of determining how to earn your badge, your merit badge counselor may not use the same format for assessment or even use it at all. This workbook goes through various revisions at different intervals.

With the worksheet, there is also a pamphlet that has the information you need to get educated and prepared for what will happen. You may need to go through the booklet to fully understand how to complete the worksheet. The brochure will help you a lot.

Emergency Prep Kit Ideas

Emergency preparedness kits are a must in every home as emergencies can strike at any time. You would not want to risk the idea of having to face the harsh happenings of reality and not have the essential items needed for survival. The kits vary in size, and the things differ as per every household. However, there are general items that every emergency kit should have like water, toiletries, and medication. You can make your kit or purchase ready-made kits that have the essential tools and items you need.

Not sure how to make your kit, right? Here are a few ideas you can consider to follow:

1. Sustain Supply 72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit


This kit provides the necessary items needed for survival up to 72 hours in case an emergency strikes. It provides tools for critical needs like warmth and hydration.

2. ER Emergency-Ready Tornado/Hurricane Survival Kit


Hurricanes and tornados are natural disasters that, even though you can predict them, there is no sure way of telling the damage it will cause. This emergency kit is a waterproof bucket that contains the essential supplies needed to keep you going through the storm.

3. Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug-out Bag


You may have to rush out when an emergency strikes, and there may not be enough time to pack things together. As such, you may need to have something ready on hand to go, and what better option to have than this emergency kit. It has essential supplies to keep you for a few days until you can venture out for more needed items.

An emergency is what it is because it has no warning signs when it will strike. Being prepared is what makes the difference and how you will be able to cope through the event. Get the information, understand it, practice, and plan.

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