10 Creative Entertainment Ideas for Kids during a Pandemic

Ideas for Kids during a Pandemic

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During a pandemic, everyone is affected irrespective of gender or age. People from all walks of life are affected, and kids are not spared. By their very nature, kids are hyperactive- they need to move, they need to interact, and focus on specific activities.


Quarantine can be difficult for all, but entertainment ideas for kids are important, as they don’t often understand WHY we are all stuck at home.

Entertainment Ideas for Kids

Not being able to go to school, play with other kids, or just run outside can have a lasting impact on their lives. It is every parent’s and guardian’s responsibility to minimize the adverse effects of the lockdown on children. Doing this requires a certain level of creativity throughout the lockdown. 

Play fun group games

There are quite a number of board games that your kids can play to stay distracted during a pandemic. The most important thing to keep in mind is to stick to the kind of games that they love. You can also take part in some of the games to make things more interesting.

You could pick the game once in a while. Instead, try to involve the kids in the selection of a game. Stress to them that selecting a game is their responsibility.


Play brain-stimulating games

Brain games or games that challenge the intellect will not only keep your kids mentally sharp but will also keep them competitive and entertained.

Compliment your children when they complete a level or stage to keep them motivated and feeling proud. Encourage them when they fail to achieve a certain level the same way you would encourage them when they are doing their homework. 

Try online games

You can also try playing online games with your kids or let them play with their friends online can be a great addition to our list of entertainment ideas for kids. However, keep a close eye on the kind of games and activities they choose to play online. 

entertainment ideas for kids helping with household chores

Let your kids help with the household chores

Household chores are yet another activity; aside from games, you can engage with your kids. Teach them or ask them to give you a hand with the tasks and make it enjoyable.

They can help prepare their favorite meal, help set the table, and help clean the house by dusting the furniture. They can also help with washing or folding the laundry. Some kids love it when they do something that their parents encourage or ask them to do. So, give it a try! 

Start a family project

You can come up with specific family projects that your kids can participate in. It could be any type of project that your kids will love. It does not have to be a school project. It could be the kind of project that they can actively contribute to.

For example, you can grow pot-based plants, repaint the bedrooms, or build a 3D puzzle or create your genealogical tree. You could even learn a family dance on YouTube or form a band if you have instruments lying around.

Give them books to read

Books are a great way of keeping your kids’ minds off the pandemic. So, try giving them books to read. You could give every child a different book according to their age and then ask for a 5-minute summary every day before they go to bed.

This will not only keep them busy, but it will also perfect their intellect as well as feed their curiosity. Make sure there is a reward for each completed book. Try the site www.SarahLynGay.com for cool ideas on things to do with certain books like her Seven Wonders Unit Study .

entertainment ideas for kids reading a book

Help with their schoolwork

While kids stay at home while schools are closed, they may be given assignments and homework. You can keep your kids entertained by helping them out with their homework.

If the school does not provide them with any work to do while at home, you can come up with your assignments. Focus on areas that your child is currently struggling with at school to help make the work understandable. 

Watch movies with them

Movies are, without a doubt, a great source of entertainment for both adults and kids. You could watch one or two videos a day with your kids as a form of entertainment. Check out SarahLynGay.com for fun things to do with movies like: How to Host a Magical Aladdin Movie Family Fun Night

blowing bubbles with a kid

Have them come up with their own ideas of entertainment

Coming up with great ideas of entertainment for your kids is a good thing. Nonetheless, if you want them to enjoy themselves truly, you can let them come up with their own forms of entertainment.

Doing so is also a great way to empower them when you have run out of ideas. All you have to do is approve of the kind of entertainment they choose and participate cheerfully when asked. 

Help cultivate their talents

Every dark cloud indeed has a silver lining. Even during a pandemic, your kids’ skills can be improved. You can take advantage of the situation and find ways of enhancing or also discovering your child’s talent. For example, if your child is an aspiring artist, encourage the artist in him or her by buying color books, pencils, and crayons.

You could also go the extra mile by visiting reputable art galleries online and explaining what each photo symbolizes, where and when the painting was made, and what inspired the artist to produce that particular painting. Try the site www.SarahLynGay.com for cool ideas on things to do with the littles in the world of STEM!

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