GREAT Reads for Preppers

GREAT Reads for Preppers

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GREAT Reads for Preppers? If you have taken my coupon class, you have heard me say that less than 5% of our population has followed FEMA’s basic guidelines for a 72 hour supply of emergency supplies (food, water, etc) for each member of their family should an emergency arise.

THAT is a great reason to start a (reasonable) stockpile.

Part of your preps should be a little reading.  I am not talking about all those dry manuals on what to do and how to assemble this or that – but a few books that really help paint the picture of what you are preparing for.

GREAT Reads for Preppers

That being said, I love it when I find books that are both entertaining to read, as well as educational. Both of the books I am going to talk about have thought-provoking ideas on what MIGHT happen, and what kind of things we MIGHT want to prepare for.

I have read both of them, and then shared them with like-minded people who agreed with me – that they are worth the read.

Occasionally, we can figure out what we might need to add to our preps by being able to visualize a situation in our minds, instead of reading a black and white text or checklist that tells us what to look out for.

THAT is where stories come in for me – they help me understand little things like why saving silver coins is important, etc.

If you are totally new to the concept of “prepping”, here are a few GREAT books to help shed some light on the concept AND give you ideas on what steps you should take first.

Let’s start with One Second After.
It is a story of a man trying to fend for his family to have a war that sends the United States back into the dark ages because they used Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP). 
It is a weapon that the Wall Street Journal warns could shatter America.
This is set in a typical small town and explains what really could happen to us.

A great read and a good thought starter. How it works is an electromagnetic pulse instantly disables almost every electrical device in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. Airplanes, most cars, cellphones, refrigerators—all are fried.
Crazy, huh?
Amazon has it for $9.99 right now – with free shipping for Prime members.

Then, there is Lights Out. It’s a similar plot – EMP causing an effect that leads us back into basically pioneer times.

To quote one of the reviewers:

“If the lights go out the stores could close up, our paper money could become worthless, most would likely become hungry and desperate, your neighbors could become your biggest enemies and the proverbial gloves very well could come off if or when the “S” Hits The Fan. “Lights Out” may help get you thinking about how you would handle a prolonged bad situation and how you can start preparing now to keep you and yours better off then.”

This book is on Amazon right now for $19.95, with free shipping for Prime members. I will tell you it is probably one of the best books I have ever read – and was so incredibly well written and full of ideas. It really showed how the little things can add up to a larger problem, and how community disorder can create more problems.

It is a THICK book – but an incredibly great read.

Both of these books are a great “jumping-off point” to see what the big deal on “Prepping” is…and decent reads for the action/adventure lover.

Is there a great book that you have read that I should add to this list? Please share!

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