Tools To Have On Hand When The SHTF

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Things happen, and the least you want to happen is not having the requisite tools to take care of the new reality. Daily, we are faced with a lot of tasks that require us to utilize some tools our handyman would use. However, there is a major problem – we don’t always have the tools needed, and we have to end up calling someone, But have you ever stopped to look at how you could benefit yourself if you have the things you need?

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Not only will you learn how to do things yourself but you will save a lot of money too because we will all admit a lot of these contractors can be really expensive. So, there are certain tools you need on hand to help you get the job done whenever they pop up…  

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Tools To Have On Hand When The Shit Hits The Fan


Knives serve so many purposes; it is a must to have at home. From needing it to slice the bread down to cutting off that extra piece of an item hanging off that’s causing a problem. Knives are important, and always having one will give you benefits such as…

* Safety – Staying safe is the best option, and a knife can help you achieve this feat against those who may want to attack you.

* Survival – Emergencies are never foreseen, and when it strikes, you will need to get yourself out of it. A knife will help you to achieve the highest level of survival and get yourself out of any mess.

* Camping – Camping is a tricky activity, and a knife will help you get a lot of things done like getting a fire started or cutting your way to source food.

Folding Shovel

Bulk materials are always in the way, and you may need a shovel to move the things around, especially like digging and lifting. Moving things around is required, and there is no way you want to hire someone to do the work you can easily do yourself.

Gardening Tools

garden tools to have when The SHTF

Now more than ever, backyard gardening will become a new norm, and the tools are needed to get the jobs done. A few gardening tools like a small shovel, a machete, and a few others. It will allow you to do something you love and earn lots of benefits from it.

Fishing Line

Fishing lines are generally strong, and they can do a lot of things around the home. Your garden would do well with this item, especially when it comes to tying your plants to keep upright or even keeping items intact. They are flexible and will help you to take care of lots of tasks around the home and even for other outdoor activities.

Screws & Screwdriver; Hammer & Nails

Keeping things together can sometimes be proven hard, and a few knocks of a nail or screwing a few bolts in will give you the advantage. You never know what will happen, and you need to build storage inside or out, or you will need to get a barrier should anything happen. In addition to having these items, a hammer will also be needed. 

metal duct tape

Metal Duct Tape

This type of duct tape is not the same as the regular duct tape, as this one has a stronger bondability and can keep things together better. It is flexible to use and can be used to do a lot of things to include…

* Cover Opening – There may be a hole in your pipe or on your wood structure, and you need to seal it. Metal duct tape is efficient to keep it concealed and not cause any further issues.

* Signaling – Especially at night, you might be out doing some work, and allowing passersby to identify you is important. Take, for instance, you are out working on the road, you will need drivers to identify you easily and should you not have a work vest on hand, the metal duct tape will help to show you up clearer.

Pliers; Wrench Set

The need to tighten a few things around the home or at the office always comes up, and what better way to take care of it yourself than to have the tools required to do the job successfully. Having pliers and a wrench set will help you get practical and correct any fault you may encounter. Also, they are efficient tools needed in the case of an emergency.

pliers  tools to have when The SHTF

Bolt Cutters

Emergencies always happen when you least expect it, and pulling a safety barrier apart is most times impossible when you don’t have access to keys or opening tools. A Bolt Cutter will help you achieve the feat of pulling things apart to solve any issues you are facing. If you are doing renovations, this tool will come in handy.


Everything on this list is important, but what you probably need to get also is a few tools that are flexible and can do multiple tasks. When you think about getting multi-tools, you could consider a few like… 

* Portable Pump – There’s nothing more annoying than getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and having to wait hours before the emergency team gets to you. An air pump will come in handy and not only for that reason but other activities around the home. They are also great to take on your camping trips.

There are also other tools you should get that serve multiple purposes, such as those that have a lot of compartments (knife, clips, cutters, etc.).

These tools, among many others, are important to have on your person no matter where you are. If you are not sure how to take them around with you, you can easily have a box in your trunk in which you put all these items. You will never regret taking these with you because, as we noted, emergencies don’t give a warning when they are coming.

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