Different Ways to Use Witch Hazel

Ways to use Witch Hazel

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If you have wondered what people use witch hazel for, then keep reading! I have some different ways to use witch hazel when it comes to your lifestyle! This can be found by rubbing alcohol at most mass retailers or you can even buy it online, it is very affordable! So that makes it a really great multi-purpose product to have on hand! 

Ways to use Witch Hazel

I don’t know about you but I love things that are non-toxic and able to do multiple tasks. Witch Hazel is one of those gems – it can be used for oh so many things, is inexpensive, and keeps a long time for your storage.

What is Witch Hazel?

Witch-hazels or witch hazels (Hamamelis) are a genus of flowering plants in the family Hamamelidaceae, with three species in North America (H. ovalis,[1] H. virginiana, and H. vernalis), and one each in Japan (H. japonica) and China (H. mollis). The North American species are occasionally called winterbloom.[2][3]


That is a lot of fancy speak to say it is a shrub. A shrub with very pretty and vibrant yellow flowers, but still – a shrub. The leaves and bark were used by Native Americans in herbalism / fold medicine.

Now the claims of everything it can do have been challenged by the FDA as it was starting to sound like a side-show medicine man act to the point that in 2017, one manufacturer of skincare products containing witch-hazel was warned for making unsubstantiated claims.

Don’t ingest Witch Hazel

There are many suggestions about how to use witch hazel as a method to reduce a sore throat. Um, don’t do that. Even Web MD says that if you take high doses by mouth, it may cause kidney or liver damage.

Add in the fact that high amounts of Witch Hazel are toxic as it is a known carcinogen? It is just a bad idea to put it IN your body. You should be more than fine with occasional uses on the outside of your body.

Witch Hazel Benefits

Let’s just take a peek at some of the things that witch hazel has been known to help.

Diaper Rash:

If you have a little one at home, you can use it to relieve diaper rash. Simply get a little on a soft cloth and pat it on your baby’s bottom.

It will help heal up the diaper rash! This is great to use all the time, or when you are out of cream and need a quick fix for your fussy baby! 

Let’s face it, who wants and itchy/sore tushy?

Razor Burn: 

I think we all have had razor burn one time or another. You can use it to relieve the burning sensation from the razor burn. Just apply with a soft cloth and it will subside the painful burn!

This will come in handy fore everything from arm pits to that more sensitive bikini zone.

Poison Ivy:

Leaves of three, let it be is only good when it is daylight and you can see it. Camping in a dark area like Peninsula State Park of Wisconsin might be a challenge if your flashlight bites it on your way to the outhouse and those flip-flops do a poor job of protecting your skin.

Once that pesky poison ivy attacks, use witch hazel to get rid of the itch! It has natural ingredients that help soothe that itch and doesn’t dry out your skin in the meantime. Just apply as needed on the troubled areas. 

Witch Hazel for Acne:

Ideally added to products for oily skin, witch hazel acts as an astringent, causing your tissues to contract to help shrink pores, while also soothing your skin and relieving inflammation.

It can be applied directly to your face after cleansing or steaming for maximum effectiveness.

Hemorrhoid Relief:

If you have hemorrhoids, you can put some witch hazel on some toilet paper and lightly dab it on your hemorrhoids. It does sting a little right at first for some people, but it goes away pretty quickly. This is a really great natural relief.

If you have never had this problem, you won’t understand why dogs drag their hineys across the carpet for relief.

Depuff Eyes:

Wake up with some bags under your eyes? Take equal parts of water and witch hazel, soap a cloth, and press it under your eyes for 10-15 minutes. This is great at de-puffing your eyes.

Stop Bleeding From Cuts: 

If you have a minor cut, you can use witch hazel to stop the bleeding. Dip a cotton swab in witch hazel and press it over the cut. It is a quick and sanitary way to stop the bleeding. If it is a pretty big cut it will not work, but works great for small nicks and cuts. 

As you can see, witch hazel can really come in handy for different situations! It is a great product to buy and have on hand for when you need it! Do you use witch hazel? If so, tell me your favorite way to use it! 

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