Five Useful Skills to learn 2021 in the Event of War or Terrorism

In the event that war or terrorism strikes, are you prepared? Here are five of the best and most useful skills to learn 2021 in the event of war or terrorism. 

Five Useful Skills to learn 2021 in the Event of War or Terrorism

While no one likes to think about the possibility of experiencing war or terrorism, it’s always a possibility that something so dangerous and severe could occur.

Five Useful Skills to learn 2021 in the Event of War or Terrorism

It’s far better to be prepared for the worst than to not possess specific skills that could help out during such dire situations. You should have several valuable skills in the event of war or terrorism to keep yourself and your loved ones as safe and protected as possible.

1. Basic Navigation

We talked about topographic maps before. If you don’t know this skill, you NEED to make it a top priority as it is the number one of our Five Useful Skills to learn 2021. If your navigation skills aren’t up to par, it’s an excellent time to work on them. Knowing primary navigation could help you during dangerous situations when you need to lead your family to safety. If you don’t know where you’re going or how to get to a safe place, it can put your life and the lives of your loved ones at risk. 

Navigation Skills You’ll Need 

Some of the things you can work on include learning how to use a compass and a printed map. In today’s world, most people rely on technology to get them from one place to the next. However, if you’re unable to access a phone, tablet, or any other type of electronic device, you’ll need to go back to using the old-school method of navigation. 

useful skills to learn 2021

Test Your Navigation Skills 

You can test your navigation skills by going camping and using a compass and printed map to help you get back to your starting point. You can even use the sun as the last resort to provide you with directions to get you back to where you came from. It may not seem like a big deal now, but basic navigation skills can get you further in life during emergencies.

2. Marksmanship

If you’re experiencing war or terrorism, marksmanship is a must. You might not have a weapon to use during these situations. However, the soldiers working against you to complete their attacks will likely have multiple weapons attached to their hips to fight off anyone that isn’t on their side. 

You Need to Know How to Use a Soldier’s Gun 

If you know how to use a gun properly, you’ll be able to use a soldier’s gun against them. You may find the gun lying in the ground with a severely wounded or deceased soldier in the middle of a war. 

If so, you’d need to grab that gun and carry it around with you for protection. However, there is no use in carrying something around if you don’t know how to use it. You can learn the basics of operating different types of guns by going to the shooting range.

3. Physical Fitness

Being physically fit is vital during challenging times when you may have a war going on in front of you. If you’re out of shape, it’s going to put your life at risk. You may have difficulty getting around or running away from potential attackers who could cause harm to you and your family. If you know that you’re out of shape and could use some exercise to build your stamina, it’s a good time to start exercising more often.

Get Moving 

Getting physically fit doesn’t mean you need to exercise all the time without giving yourself breaks. It means that you should do more cardio to improve your running skills and build stamina to get you further in any emergency. 

useful skills to learn 2021

30 Minutes a Day (3 Xs a Week) 

If you’re jogging for 30 minutes a day at least three to four times a week, you’ll get used to it, and it’ll eventually become natural for your body to jog for even more extended periods. If you don’t want to jog outside, you can always buy a treadmill and get plenty of practice at home.

4. Foraging Skills

If you don’t have access to fresh food and water because of a dire situation, you’ll need some foraging skills. While people in the United States used to possess these skills, not many do anymore, and that is because food and beverages are typically easily accessible and available to us. 

However, it would help if you prepared for the worst possible scenario by learning how to source water and food from the outdoors. It could mean the difference between surviving and dying out in the wilderness, which is the last thing you’d want to happen.

useful skills to learn 2021

Do Your Research 

Start doing some research on bodies of water and how to tell if you can drink from them or not. It would be best to learn more about the different types of plants that you can and can’t eat. If you need to source berries, fruits, and vegetables, you’ll need to make sure you’re grabbing the right things. You wouldn’t want to eat something that could poison you, make you hallucinate, or cause you to become sick.

5. Craftsmanship

Being crafty is another good skill to have if a war or terrorism occurs. Good craftsmanship makes it possible for people to build shelters out of sticks, hay, grass, and other items that they can find in nature. 

Build a Shelter 

You’ll need to learn how to build a shelter without having access to specific tools that you’d regularly be able to use when building a structure. You can learn how to use different plants, trees, and twigs to your advantage when you’re trying to protect yourself and your loved ones out in the wilderness.

Not only does it require craftsmanship, but it’s also helpful to have a creative mind to come up with ways to protect everyone while exposed to the elements and potential predators.

useful skills to learn 2021

Five Useful Skills to Learn 2021 in the Event of War or Terrorism

If a war or terrorism occurs, you should possess these five valuable skills that can keep you safe and help you travel when you need to do so. Even if you don’t feel like you currently have these skills, it’s not too late. 

You can learn more about navigation, work on your physical fitness, practice different crafts using all-natural materials, and even learn how to shoot and reload a gun properly. 

Once you’ve learned how to do these different things, you’ll know how to keep everyone safe while getting out of harm’s way as quickly as possible. There may come a time when you need to use these skills to your advantage to stay alive.

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Primary Dangers in Different Environments To Be Aware Of

Have you ever thought about the primary dangers in different environments that you might face? Read this guide to discover which dangers may affect you. 

Primary Dangers in Different Environments To Be Aware Of

Different environments can lead to dangerous situations. Depending on where you’re living or staying, it helps to know the primary dangers that can occur. When you’re aware of the risks, you can take measures to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Let’s look at the dangers in different environments

We have 5 specific areas that we looked at and broke them all down.

Dangers in Different Environments: The Desert

The desert is an arid area. While you may enjoy traveling through the desert, there are some dangers that you could potentially experience.

dangers in different environments

Extreme Temperatures

It’s common to experience extreme temperatures while in the desert. If you can’t handle the heat, this isn’t the place for you. Scorching temperatures can rise to 100 degrees F and above with high humidity levels, making it difficult for you to keep cool, hydrated, and comfortable.


Arachnids are spiders found in the desert that can and will bite humans. Their bites leave significant red marks and inflammation. The bites can sting and make it difficult for you to function because of the pain.

Keep in mind that ALL spiders have toxins in their venom so you may or may not react to it when/if they bite you.


While you’re in the desert, you’ll come across plenty of cacti. While it’s not necessarily dangerous to see, getting too close to it can cause harm. The thorns attached to cacti can leave puncture wounds that could easily get infected if they’re untreated for some time.

Some Snakes

Many snakes slither around in the desert, including vipers, sidewinders, and night snakes. While not all snakes pose a risk, some are dangerous to encounter. It’s important to know which ones typically cause harm and what they look like so that you can do your best to avoid them while in the desert.

Lack of Water

A lack of water is a significant issue. It’s not easy to come across a body of water when you’re walking through the desert, especially if you find yourself stranded there. The lack of water can lead to dehydration that causes you to feel faint. It might even make you pass out.

Dangers in Different Environments: The Forest

Although known for its natural beauty, the forest has its own set of dangers that people need to know of and look out for while you’re traveling. It’s not always easy to get around in the forest, especially when there are so many trees, insects, birds, and other animals lingering around.

dangers in different environments


You never know what you might encounter while in the forest. It’s home to wolves, bears, and other large, dangerous animals. These animals are predatory and can cause major harm to humans.


You might think plants are harmless. Although it’s the case for most plants, you might come across some plants that aren’t good, such as poison oak and poison ivy. These plants can cause major irritation and skin rashes throughout the body that are difficult to deal with.


The weather in the forest isn’t always predictable. It can feel frigid during the winter months and extremely hot in the summer months. These extreme temperatures can put human lives at risk when stuck outdoors in the forest.

Dangers in Different Environments: The Tropics

The tropics have a natural beauty about them. While these areas are typically warm and colorful because of all the plants and trees, there are still dangerous situations that can occur in such an environment.

dangers in different environments

Few Land Animals

You won’t see many land animals living in the tropics. While this means you’re unlikely to experience a bear encounter, it also means you wouldn’t have a way to hunt and bring back food for your family if you needed to do so.

Not Much Drinkable Water

While in the tropics, you won’t have access to much drinkable water. Sure, the saltwater is there, but you can’t drink it. If you consume saltwater, you can end up hallucinating from it.

Harsh Weather Conditions

The weather conditions are harsh in the tropics. You can experience heavy rains, monsoons, and strong winds that make it difficult for you to get warm or comfortable. High temperatures can lead to heat exhaustion.

Excess Heat/Sun Exposure

While in tropical areas, you’re exposed to the sun and heat more often than ever. The extra exposure could cause you to feel dehydrated, suffer from hallucinations, and become weak. Many people pass out from too much sun and heat exposure.

Dangers in Different Environments: The Arctic Areas

The arctic areas don’t have much to offer when it comes to living there and enjoying life. Unless you’re a fan of cold temperatures, you may want to avoid arctic areas as much as possible.

dangers in different environments

Extreme Cold

The extreme cold is enough to cause anyone to end up with frostbite. While it might not seem like a big deal, frostbite can cause damage to different body parts, including fingers, toes, and feet. If too much damage occurs, you can lose these limbs for good!

Sparse Life

It’s rare to see many animals living in arctic areas. They can’t survive such cold temperatures. 

Heavy Clothes Required

If you’re staying in an arctic area, you’ll need heavy clothes. You’d need to wear multiple layers of clothing to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

Not Much to Work With

You won’t have much to work with when living in an arctic space. There is too much ice and snow covering everything, making it impossible for you to have access to grass, plants, and trees.

Dangers in Different Environments: The Grasslands/Savanna

The grasslands are beautiful. People often want to visit them, but there are dangers associated with these areas, too.

dangers in different environments

Lots of Predators

Many herbivores live in the grasslands. As a result, predators aren’t too far away. The predators are always within proximity of their prey, making this a dangerous area full of frightening animals.

Monsoons and Tornadoes

The weather in the grasslands isn’t always predictable. Unfortunately, monsoons and tornadoes can occur that will cause significant damage and put the lives of both humans and animals at risk.

You may notice there are primary dangers in all different environments. If you like to travel to other places to experience new things, it’s vital to understand these dangers while also planning to protect yourself. If you take the proper measures, you can enjoy traveling without worrying too much about the potential dangers that can easily put you at risk.

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15 of the Best Prepper Movies Worth Watching

It is interesting to think of the Best Prepper Movies worth watching as part of your emergency preparation homework. Movies tell a different story than what we experience in real life even most of them connect with us in real life.

Best Prepper Movies

They help us to understand that people who live millions of miles away from us are experiencing the same thing, so they too can put it on screen. A lot of these movies are “disaster-themed” and watching can help you understand and learn a few things.

Disaster Movies Worth Watching

You can put them into practice or adjust the way you prepare for a natural disaster. But what movies can you learn from? Here is a list of some of the most exciting films with a lot of lessons.

Let’s look at the Best Prepper Movies


This movie tells the accurate tale of a shipwreck back in the earlier years. Titanic is a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg. No one expected this to happen, but as it did, everyone was in a state of shock and panic in trying to escape.

One of the most important factors one can garner from this disaster is to have a backup plan should anything happen. We all know that if they had a larger substitute boat traveling the journey, more persons would be alive. Always have a second plan.


Space and its elements have a way of threatening global-watch authorities, and the movie Armageddon proves that. Going above and beyond to protect what matters most in light of pending destruction is the lesson this movie provides. A selfless act might be what will leave you and your family safe after the worst is over.

The Poseidon Adventure

The Poseidon Adventure is a disaster-themed movie which saw negligence claiming the lives of many even though a natural disaster was the main reason behind it. The ship was up for retirement after serving for years, and against the advice of experts, the new owner decided to run another trip.

Around midway through the sail, a tsunami hit, and the ship overturned and started to sink. Not many details are available about emergency gears, and this should be the ideal message learned to always prepare yourself for the worst, even when everything seems okay.

15 of the Best Disaster Movies Worth Watching contagion movie poster


This truly scares me, as germs are an invisible threat to worry about. We had to put a few titles like this into 15 of the Best Disaster Movies Worth Watching. Sickness is no joke, and it is not partial when it sets out to attack whoever it pleases.

The only way you can be safe is if you are not in close range or you are fully immunized. Contagion is a movie centered on the development and spread of a deadly disease that claimed a few lives. However, a team was put on it to remedy the issue, and before long…things were under control.

Synopsis of the story? Get a medical check now and again and, if not, get immunized to protect yourself from the onset of transmittable diseases.

The Perfect Storm

Getting lost in the depth of a natural disaster is never an easy thing to deal with, and The Perfect Storm movie details the truth about this. Andrea Gail was a commercial fishing vessel that set out for mission back in September of 1991 but didn’t make it home.

Amidst a warning to stay off the seas during an impending storm, the captain and his crew decided to brave it…might have been the worst mistake. They didn’t survive as the waves overshadowed them. A note to focus on, whenever there is news of an impending disaster and warnings from experts, you need to take them seriously.

Deep Impact

Deep Impact is a science fiction movie that tells of an impending meteor that is heading for earth and set to create mass destruction (extinction by extension). However, a few persons decided to take up the challenge to “save the earth”, and their mission after many failed attempts finally resulted in something good.

The moral of the story, you may ask? Always have a second plan in case the first fails. Also, it teaches you adequate preparation and critical thinking while in the middle of distress and a disaster.

Disaster Movies Worth Watching


While a fire isn’t always a natural disaster, it had to be considered for our 15 of the Best Disaster Movies Worth Watching list. A fire has no set time when it will happen or what will be the starting point.

Either way, preparing for the disaster is critical, as, unlike other emergencies, you cannot regain most items from a fire. This movie tells of some reasoning behind why a fire starts and how one needs to prepare and equip themselves for what may happen. Take note, and be cautious!

Only the Brave

Only the Brave is an exciting movie that tells about the life of some men that were “given up by society and family”. However, it happens that they were the said ones to create a haven from fire disasters in the areas they live in.

Life is unpredictable, and how you treat the information you get depends on the results you will receive. Everyone needs to be serious about all warnings about a disaster.

The Towering Inferno  

Fire is a natural disaster that can cause significant damage if not careful. The Towering Inferno movie tells of a sad case where a newly designed building that caught fire from an electrical shortage. Could it have been avoided? We would say yes, as warnings came to shed some of the power connections.

For us, living in the real world, it is safe for us to understand how electricity works and make the necessary checks and upgrades as needed. Don’t gamble with your homes and business…get a certified professional to check your connections at least once every two years.

15 of the Best Disaster Movies Worth Watching world war z poster

Best Prepper Movies: World War Z

World War Z is a horror movie that teaches strength, persistence, and courage, even in the middle of a disaster. The actors faced what could cause their life, but with much preparation and proactiveness, they manage to get the job done in achieving what was best for survival. Disasters don’t only mean tsunami, an earthquake or storms but also comes in various forms.

The Impossible

The world of a tsunami can change the world we currently live in an instance without giving adequate time to prepare for it. The movie tells a thrilling story of a family who went on vacation to bond with each other then had to split up when disaster struck.

Time went by so fast when one form of communication managed to help in letting others know what was going on. This movie teaches us to be mindful of the areas we visit and also to research any potential disaster which may happen in the area and how to prepare ourselves.

The Day After Tomorrow

This movie is a story that tells what many of us experience…a terrible storm and sometimes getting trapped in some remote areas. But amidst everything, we have to stay positive, don’t panic, and with effective communication, there is hope on the horizon. Also, do not bypass critical information that you may receive from authorities of a pending disaster. Get prepared for the worst. 

Disaster Movies Worth Watching

This is the End

This is a biggie and one that happens daily around the world. 15 of the Best Disaster Movies Worth Watching had to include a gem or two about earthquakes. Earthquakes are inevitable and happen in an area at least once. But what happens during and after is what makes the most significant difference.

The movie, This is the End tells of an emergency earthquake that comes with other strange events that most people didn’t understand. However, the most important thing to learn from this movie is communication and understanding. Amid a disaster, they still managed to gather essential items needed, yet “lack of knowledge” caused the said items to go to waste. Let your household know what is going on and expected in case of a disaster.

Best Prepper Movies: Twister

Tornados are no joke, and this movie Twister shows the depth of what this means. There are so many efforts in this movie to predict and alter the way a tornado affect a given area but to no avail. However, with adequate planning and multiple tries, the team on the job was successful in its mission. This movie teaches us never to let go of working towards what we want (the best amid a disaster).

Dante’s Peak

Living near a volcano, even if it is deemed dormant by authorities, is still a risk when it comes to disasters. Dante’s Peak once showed little sign of eruption, but when things started to change, authorities had to inform everyone of the danger lurking from the peaks, and they had to move right away. However, this mission came after a few negative feedback issues.

This story teaches the strength to believe what your heart tells you to prepare for the worst before it is too late. Also, panicking is not an ideal solution to any problem.

That is how it made our list of 15 of the Best Disaster Movies Worth Watching…can you think of one we missed? Please share!

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10 Awesome Websites Preppers Love

Ask any prepper and they’ll tell you that one of the best ways to prepare for any emergency is to continue learning. Learning new skills isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have a farm out in the middle of nowhere.

Computer hardware and peripheral  Using CD or DVD as digital data storage  for office work.

The best way to learn (at least the educational side of things) is to visit different websites or forums and talk with people who already know how to do what you’re trying to learn. These 10 awesome websites preppers love are perfect just for that purpose.

10 Awesome Websites Preppers Love to Visit

Just check out this list of fun ideas. Keep in mind that you can often find great Facebook Groups too – just make sure you remember the golden rule about prepping: don’t tell people what you have!

It is as easy as looking at the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper.

While you might think it would encourage them to start their own prepping, it usually doesn’t. However, they do remember that YOU have stocked up on all the important things and will probably come knocking on your door when the SHTF.

Depending on how desperate they may or may not be, you might have serious trouble on your hands.

It is safe to socialize online with like-minded people, just stick to ambiguous information about your name and actual location.

Now, let’s get to those fun sites!

Zombie Squad

Don’t let the name fool you, Zombie Squad is a legitimate prepping forum and a legitimate 501c3 charity. With posts dating back to 2008, there isn’t much that you can’t learn here.

Occasionally the site is down for updates – that happens a lot with pages that include a forum.

The Survival Mom

The Survival Mom blog has been around for years and Lisa, the owner, gives you practical tips and tricks for how to prepare your family for whatever may come.

Besides her blog, she actually has a few food storage courses.

Food Storage Made Easy

Looking for tips on how to prepare, store and maintain your food storage? This site has it all!

They are pretty big with Thrive products, if that makes a difference to you or not.

I like their recipe page.

Survival Boards

A lot like the first site I mentioned, Survival Boards is chock full of awesome info!

Warning – they do tend to get a bit political. TONS of posts about the Chauvin trial right now.

Other than that, there are a lot of current events that affect us all mentioned that rarely see time on the nightly news.

The Prepper Project

The Prepper Project is great for new preppers. They offer page after page of great info!

There are a lot of product reviews on there that make for a great insight to what a newbie needs to look for.

Homesteading Today

Looking for a tamer forum to learn from? Check this one out!

This is really more of a message board but they are very helpful to newbies and it is pretty easy to search out info threads on what you want answers for.


It might sound silly, but Youtube is FULL of fantastic videos on prepping. You can find everything from food storage to security demos just with a quick search!

I often find one or two that match what I am writing about and add to the articles so you don’t have to hunt them down yourself!

Survivalist Blog

Survivalist Blog is another that helps you learn new skills and get fantastic ideas. I especially like their post on how to prepare a family of 4 easily!

They talk not only about prepping but about homesteading too – along with a frugal take on DIY options for most things.


This one isn’t a site that you will learn a lot from, but preppers do read it for the alternate news. Take it with a grain of salt and make your own (and informed) decisions about what is posted.

I will say that they are Trump lovers – hardcore.

Personally? I like to keep my politics out of my site so you can focus on what is really important: information on how to take care of yourself and your family.

Survival Blog

Not to be confused with the other one, Survival Blog is one of the oldest running prepping blogs period. It is so full of great info that I would never be able to even touch listing it.

While these sites aren’t the end all be all, they are some of the best out there for prepping. Take the info they provide and educate yourself with new skills and ideas.

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