10 Awesome Websites Preppers Love

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Ask any prepper and they’ll tell you that one of the best ways to prepare for any emergency is to continue learning. Learning new skills isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have a farm out in the middle of nowhere.

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The best way to learn (at least the educational side of things) is to visit different websites or forums and talk with people who already know how to do what you’re trying to learn. These 10 awesome websites preppers love are perfect just for that purpose.

10 Awesome Websites Preppers Love to Visit

Just check out this list of fun ideas. Keep in mind that you can often find great Facebook Groups too – just make sure you remember the golden rule about prepping: don’t tell people what you have!

It is as easy as looking at the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper.

While you might think it would encourage them to start their own prepping, it usually doesn’t. However, they do remember that YOU have stocked up on all the important things and will probably come knocking on your door when the SHTF.

Depending on how desperate they may or may not be, you might have serious trouble on your hands.

It is safe to socialize online with like-minded people, just stick to ambiguous information about your name and actual location.

Now, let’s get to those fun sites!

Zombie Squad

Don’t let the name fool you, Zombie Squad is a legitimate prepping forum and a legitimate 501c3 charity. With posts dating back to 2008, there isn’t much that you can’t learn here.

Occasionally the site is down for updates – that happens a lot with pages that include a forum.

The Survival Mom

The Survival Mom blog has been around for years and Lisa, the owner, gives you practical tips and tricks for how to prepare your family for whatever may come.

Besides her blog, she actually has a few food storage courses.

Food Storage Made Easy

Looking for tips on how to prepare, store and maintain your food storage? This site has it all!

They are pretty big with Thrive products, if that makes a difference to you or not.

I like their recipe page.

Survival Boards

A lot like the first site I mentioned, Survival Boards is chock full of awesome info!

Warning – they do tend to get a bit political. TONS of posts about the Chauvin trial right now.

Other than that, there are a lot of current events that affect us all mentioned that rarely see time on the nightly news.

The Prepper Project

The Prepper Project is great for new preppers. They offer page after page of great info!

There are a lot of product reviews on there that make for a great insight to what a newbie needs to look for.

Homesteading Today

Looking for a tamer forum to learn from? Check this one out!

This is really more of a message board but they are very helpful to newbies and it is pretty easy to search out info threads on what you want answers for.


It might sound silly, but Youtube is FULL of fantastic videos on prepping. You can find everything from food storage to security demos just with a quick search!

I often find one or two that match what I am writing about and add to the articles so you don’t have to hunt them down yourself!

Survivalist Blog

Survivalist Blog is another that helps you learn new skills and get fantastic ideas. I especially like their post on how to prepare a family of 4 easily!

They talk not only about prepping but about homesteading too – along with a frugal take on DIY options for most things.


This one isn’t a site that you will learn a lot from, but preppers do read it for the alternate news. Take it with a grain of salt and make your own (and informed) decisions about what is posted.

I will say that they are Trump lovers – hardcore.

Personally? I like to keep my politics out of my site so you can focus on what is really important: information on how to take care of yourself and your family.

Survival Blog

Not to be confused with the other one, Survival Blog is one of the oldest running prepping blogs period. It is so full of great info that I would never be able to even touch listing it.

While these sites aren’t the end all be all, they are some of the best out there for prepping. Take the info they provide and educate yourself with new skills and ideas.

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