Why your family should have a stockpile

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Do you have a stockpile? You’d be surprised at the number of families that don’t. It has been estimated that the average family has only a 3 day supply of food and water in their home. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if a big emergency happened, that those families would be in trouble.

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It might sound crazy, but in reality, you should keep at least 6 months on hand. Why? Let’s look at why your family should have a stockpile. I’m positive that by the end of this post, you’ll see that you do in fact need one and hopefully will start building yours!

Why Your Family Needs a Stockpile –

How long have you been with your employer? A few years? A few weeks? Great! Now tell me when the last time they downsized was? A few years? Yesterday? Jobs today, especially blue-collar jobs, are not as secure as they once were.

In the event of job loss

What would happen to your family if you lost your job and only had a 3 day supply of food? Before too long you’d have a very hungry family. Sure you could go get assistance, but even on assistance, a lot of families aren’t able to feed their families because the amount of help they receive isn’t enough.

In the event of bad weather

How about this scenario? Do you live in a weather-prone area? I mean things like winter storms, hurricanes, or flooding? What would happen to your family if you were trapped in your home for days on end due to bad weather?

Would you go hungry? Would the baby have enough diapers? Would the puppy be eating table scraps (provided there were any left).

It is for your own protection

It might sound a bit crazy to you, but having a stockpile of food and other items your family uses daily on hand will protect you from those emergencies. Not only that? It can actually save you BIG bucks!

You will save money

Who doesn’t love to save money? By buying items when they’re on sale and stocking up on them for later, you don’t have to buy them when they’re off sale. This means you won’t be paying the regular price for things and by default will save money.

What do you need?

This is just a rough list to get you to understand what we are talking about stocking upon. When you buy these items on sale, and tuck them away? You are saving money big time. We saw price gouging during the early days of the COVID-19 epidemic and the prices charged for some of the following items were horrendous.

Baking Supplies ~ Canned Foods ~ Dry Goods ~ Drinks ~ Misc. ~ Refrigerator Items ~ Kitchen items to have on hand ~ Baby Items ~ Pet Supplies ~  Bathroom Items ~ Medicine Cabinet ~ Gardening Supplies ~ Entertainment ~ and more!

I have a FREE Printable list for you here:

Just Do It

No matter what your reasons for doing it, you need to actually do it. Your family will be better off in the long run, you’ll be prepared for any big emergency that comes up and your bank account will thank you.

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