How To Prepare A Winter Home Safety Kit

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How To Prepare A Winter Home Safety Kit? Winter is a time that almost everyone fears because of what generally happens…everything freezes! It is often what you do and how you prepare for the weather that determines the outcome.

How To Prepare A Winter Home Safety Kit

The preparation process can be comfortable or cumbersome depending on where you live, the impending weather, or the size of your home. However, the items you use to prepare are most times lying around the house, and a little is all you need to get to work.

How To Prepare A Winter Home Safety Kit

During a winter storm, you have to “expect the unexpected” as there is no telling what can happen. But, your organization is essential to making the perfect emergency winter kit.

Many people are up for creating only the “stay warm and survive” kit while others prepare for “an apocalypse.”. Whichever way, it is safer to make than to be sorry. When you set out to make an emergency kit, you may consider putting it into a few categories. These include:

Emergency Items

These emergency items vary, and depending on your needs, the size of the kit may differ. Before the brunt of the winter weather hits, you should consider putting these items together:

* Plastic Bag or Water-proof bags/container

The winter season can get wet from all the snow and potential rain that may fall. As such, securing your relevant documents and valuables from the excess moist is necessary.

* Medication

This is one of the essential items to have in your kit. A lot of people tend to forget it, when the need arises, they are left confused and pondering what to do. Also, you should secure your prescription in this kit, as well.

* Medical Items

These items include alcohol, bandage tape, hydrogen peroxide, skin sprays (for insects, etc.), and other essential things you will need for emergency aid.

* Extra Set of Car & House Keys

When an emergency hits, you have no time to run around to get to necessary tools you need but to grab your emergency kit and head out. The extra pair of keys will help you become mobile quickly.

* Flashlight & Extra Batteries

Natural light might not be available, and you need to get around, so having a flashlight will help you. You will also need some extra batteries as the power outage may be lengthy.

* Battery-powered or Crank Radio

There will be no electricity, so you need to have a media source that will keep you informed. A good hand-crank weather radio is what you need. If it has a solar charging option? Even better.

* Hand Tools

Many people will wonder what these are doing in an emergency kit, but as the winter season comes on and the snow crawls in, you will need to get out. This list includes items like a small pocket knife, scissors, pliers, hammer, and screwdriver. You may also need to add a shovel as you never know what can happen with the extra snow.

* Toiletries

These items include paper towels, napkins, and pampers (both adult and children sizes). You also need to add sanitizers, soap, mouthwash, and other deodorizing essentials. If you have to leave and stay out for a while, you have to keep fresh.

* Petty Cash

A little cash on hand is helpful if you have to run out fast.

How To Prepare A Winter Home Safety Kit


Food is essential and needs to be a part of your preparation kit for the winter holidays. You never know when the weather strikes, you cannot go, and you get pretty hungry. You have to stock up on non-perishable food items like tin food, biscuits, and more.

However, it is not safe to store foods that go in the refrigerator as you never know if the power will go out at any time. Bear in mind, the meal does not only include adults but also kids, so adding a few formulas is necessary.


Have enough water to last for a few weeks if possible to clean, cook, and drink. If needed, you can also store water for showering as the pipelines can get bad in the intense weather.

How To Prepare A Winter Home Safety Kit


The time is cold, and the only way to feel at ease is to warm your body the way you know how to. You have to equip yourself with ideal clothing (preferably wool), socks, gloves, and headgear.

Sleeping Gear

You need somewhere to sleep, and sleeping bags and sponges are essential to have in times of emergency. You may have to move out, and a portable bed is necessary if you have kids. You will also need to stock up on a few warm blankets to wrap.

Alternative Heating

One of the main things the winter season calls for is heat, and the more you have, the better. There is the possibility of the power going out, and you may have to find alternative sources for warming your body.

Believe it or not, heat sources are a part of the emergency kit because the cold can cause health problems like frostbite and other issues. Your heat sources may include candles, match, wood and coal stoves, your outdoor grill, or a portable fuel-run indoor generator.

Sources of Communication

You may need to contact your friends and family to check if they are okay. Fully charge your cellphone ahead of time in case the power goes out. Also, add a car charger just in case the battery runs out.

Your car is a means of communicating with those near and far as you can travel across town (if possible). Full your tanks a few days in advance of any potential winter storms.

Your life is worth protecting, and the little you do can help you go a far way. Many people do not see it fit to put away all these items but rather scamper around when it is too late. Of course, we don’t expect all these items to be in the same location, but briefing the entire family on the easiest way to access them is essential.

The weather is on to us, and we wish you a safe one and do stay warm. We hope that How To Prepare A Winter Home Safety Kit helps you do just that.

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