Things To Stock Up On NOW Because They Are The First To Vanish

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There comes a time when we all have to stock up on a few items, and there are some that are needed more than others. But, the interesting thing about everything is that some of the items do seem weird and leave you asking…why do I need to buy this?

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Well, after the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world in 2020, there was a different outlook on life and what was required for purchase to take home. Interestingly, people started panic buying, and before long, we all realized they were needed more than anything else. The question of Things To Stock Up On was answered.

Things To Stock Up On NOW Because They Are The First To Vanish – We Learned This With The Panic Shoppers In March ’20

The most popular items were in high numbers on the shelves, but after information started circulating, they became so scarce. Can you imagine, toilet paper, that was so plenty could not be found at any store in the country, and they had to be imported from other countries? Yes, it was that serious at one point!

Based on everything that became scarce, we have identified a few of the essential items you may want to stock up on now before it gets worse. If you wish to, believe it or not, this pandemic will stick around longer than we think, and these items will forever be going off the shelves very fast…

Paper Products

Toilet Paper and Paper Towels are easy to stock up on and never expire! It was said diarrhea was a significant symptom of Covid-19, as well as they were needed to cough and sneeze in, in case you have the virus. It was highly recommended to sneeze and cough in a disposable napkin instead of a rag or towel, and, as such, people rushed these items above everything else.


Soaps of all kinds are in high demand as it is recommended to wash your hands and clothes as often as possible. Each time you touch a surface, you have to wash your hands before touching your face.

Also, seeing you don’t know who has the virus, you can come in contact with them, and should they cough, and it touches your clothes, you have to ensure it is washed before you mix it with any other linens at home. They should certainly be on your list of things To Stock Up On.

Cleaning Agents

We are talking about Cleaning Supplies like bleach, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, along with trash bags and sanitizers here. Cleaning is critical to slowing the spread of the virus, and as such, you have to ensure you do lots of cleaning and sanitizing.

The virus can live on different kinds of surfaces for up to nine hours, and seeing you don’t know who has the virus, you can never tell if they touched the area you are accessing. The alcohol and hand sanitizers, according to health professionals, should contain at least 70% Isopropyl to kill the virus from your hands.

Trash bags are also important as the materials you use to clean, such as the paper towel or cloth, should be thrown out immediately.


Think Blistex, Carmex, Lotion, and Coconut Oil for Dry Skin & your lips. You need to get moisturizers because having to come in contact with the cleaning products, and the alcohol regularly can dry out your hands and leave the pores open and susceptible to picking up other elements.

Take, for instance, the lotion and coconut oil, which have healing and repair elements that help you to build back any damages or blisters which the abrasive products may cause.

Storage Products

Trash Bags, Foil Ziploc Bags – these are the things to focus on here. Storage products are needed at this time because you have a lot you need to put away, especially in the refrigerator. You can bulk prepare your food and stack them away in the freezer, or you may need to store up a few items and need extra space to stack them.

Medicated Items

You need to ensure you get all your meds in advance as there will be instances you can’t go outdoors, and you can’t risk doing without them. A lot of countries’ health systems allow persons to purchase their prescribed medication in bulk (up to three months supply for usual one-month supplies).

This will give you a better opportunity to stay in and not have to face the dangers of what is happening outside. Take note, Gatorade may seem like a simple drink, but it is a powerful source for providing strength and building one’s system during weakness. It is like Pedialyte for adults. Look into Vick Vaporub and Vitamins too!

General Items

There are a few general items you will need to get before they run out as they, too, are going fast. Items like candles, matches, cooking gas, lighters, and more are needed in case you can’t be out, and the need calls for it. You should also stock up on pads and tampons if there are persons in the house who need them.

You should also consider getting a portable sewing kit, whether needle & thread or one of those hand-held sewing machines. This will enable you to make one of the most needed items of this period – masks. There are many others you will need to get depending on your household requirements.

Food Items You May Need

In addition to all the items listed above, there are a few food items you may need to grab while you are out as they are needed, just the same. Even though you can grow a lot of plants like vegetables in your backyard, there are others you can’t do without but unfortunately cannot grow there. These items include stuff you might need for baking, cooking, and other activities…

Butter, salt, sugar, cooking oils, flour, pectin, yeast, milk (liquid, condensed, dry), vinegar, spices, and pet foods. There are lots more you may get based on your needs. Also, when making your shopping list, ensure you add food items with lots of vitamin C as this is great to help your immune system combat the dreaded Coronavirus.

Security for Your Home

In light of the virus, there are lots of things going on, including loss of jobs and business, and this is only an onset for more dangerous things to happen – like looting and riots!

It may sound weird that you need to prepare for events such as these, but they are imminent. 2020 will be a year to go down in the record books as so much stuff has already happened and from the look of things…much more is left to come. From the world pandemic to looting and riots all over the country with people protesting injustice and many other things, you may need to safeguard your home. Here are a few must-haves to help you prepare…

* Plywood – You may have to build some barriers for your home to keep the “inside in and the outside out” thus, the need to have a few sheets of plywood is critical. Whichever way you choose to build your barrier is up to you, but it is safe to have them on hand.

* Hammer & Nails; Screws & Screwdriver – Sounds like it’s a war, but based on what reality is presenting, you will need them, especially for the above-noted barrier source. Just imagine you will have to nail barriers across your gate, doors, or even windows.

* Source of Information – You can always watch the news and updates on the television or read it in the papers, but who said with the potential of what’s currently happening the papers will be able to reach you, or your electricity will remain intact? As such, a transistor radio with extra batteries is critical, as you will be kept up to date on what’s going on.

* Tarps/Heavy Plastic Sheeting; Duct Tape – Anything is possible with the current happenings, and you have to help keep yourself protected from the “outside world” (outside your home). Getting a roll of heavy plastic sheeting (or a few rolls of them) will come in handy.

Reducing Boredom While Locked In are Things To Stock Up On too!

Staying indoors can be a great feeling, but after a while, you are tempted to go out to have a little fun. Well, this may not happen soon, so you will need to take the fun inside. Stock up on a few fun games and pleasure items to keep you occupied while you wait for the dreaded period to be over. You may want to have some board games, puzzles, books, snacks, and probably lots of juice – a little bear won’t hurt!

2020 was certainly a trying year for everyone, and getting through safely is the best bet we all can hope to win. The game now is to stay safe and be on the lookout.

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