In Case of An Emergency Apps To Check Out

In Case of An Emergency Apps

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In Case of An Emergency Apps? Technology is on the rise each day, and we must stay up-to-date with its development has it has advantages to benefit our lives. There are millions of different things technology has given us, and we can certainly say they are worthwhile.

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So many times, we are affected by natural disasters, and lack of preparation allowed them to deal with us in the worst. Over the years, the relevant disaster preparedness management authorities have been trying to develop a plan to help persons better prepare and protect themselves. As such, invention of emergency preparedness apps has been created to help.

There are thousands of different emergency prep apps you can use though there are some more effective than others. We have done some research on a wide selection of these apps and can agree the following are top apps you may want to consider downloading…

10 Great Emergency Prep Apps

1. Disaster Alert

The Pacific Disaster Center controls this app by putting relevant and useful information and tips that persons can use to help prevent and/or protect themselves in case of an emergency.

There is a free as well as a paid version of this app, and it showcases a world map with icons indicating the types of disasters that are prone to a given area.

This app provides period updates about disasters such as flooding, pandemic outbreaks, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, and more. However, if you need more detailed information about your hometown, you may need to upgrade to a paid version. After all, a $12 fee might save you a lot in the near or far future.

2. Red Cross Ready

This app is excellent in the sense that it works whether you have a phone signal or not. It provides you with practical checklists, instructions, and updates on how to prepare for an emergency, what to do during, and the aftermath activities.

3. Earthquake

Get periodic updates from around the world as they are issued by scientific and research centers about pending earthquake disasters. This app provides quick alerts of pending emergencies in addition to information about pending tsunamis.

Factual information is provided by the NOAA’s National Weather Service, The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, and the National Tsunami Warning Center. 

4. My Radar

The information provided by this app comes through the NOAA data stream and provides real-time updated maps of emergency events around the world. It also shows wind and ocean currents to keep you on guard for any impending conditions and strictly monitors incoming weather systems.

My Radar app provides exclusive information on temperatures and other similar climate conditions around the world.

5. Storm

This app is created by a team known called Weather Underground, which provides extensive information o storm advisories, various weather blogs, emergency alerts, and more.

Storm monitors the wind and current to send fast alerts of impending weather conditions. The accuracy of the information provided will help you to react accordingly to each disaster threat.

6. Red Cross First Aid

The Red Cross First Aid app is an excellent choice as it helps in guiding you on how to respond in case you get injured during an emergency. It details first aid information for issues such as broken bones, burns, asthma attacks, and other injuries. However, for other severe problems, the main recommendation is to visit a hospital soonest.

In Case of An Emergency Apps

7. WebMD

Have a medical emergency, and don’t know what to do until you get professional help? Then the WebMD app is what you need to have. It provides information on diagnosis, medical procedures, medication, and more.

Also, the WebMD app is efficient in allowing an individual to effectively diagnose a particular illness based on direct signs and symptoms associated with the condition being experienced.

The app has vital information on various brands of medication, what they are used for, and their potential side effects. You may want to get this app so you can prepare yourself for quick medical attention before an emergency strike.

8. Emergency & Family Communications

This app is, by far, one of the essential apps you need to have. When an emergency hits, forms of communication are affected, and you have no way of saying if your family is okay or not.

The app helps you stay in touch in getting updates from across town or from emergency management authorities. There are many other communication apps you can choose from to download.

9. Zello

Zello is an exciting app that allows you to communicate with friends, family, or your local authority through a pre-programmed system. The app will enable you to send out information even with low signal in the event of a disaster strike.

Though it requires WIFI to fully function, it is still operational in a low-bandwidth area, and any recorded messages can be retrieved whenever you get the chance. This app was one of the most downloaded during Hurricane Harvey that hit the United States a few years ago.

10. International Travel

Traveling abroad should not only include your fun activities for your vacation, as disasters can strike at any time. The Travel Smart app helps keep you posted on any pending emergency event based on your location, what you need to do, prepare, and how to respond during and after.

Though a Canadian-based authority created it, Global Affairs Canada, it should not be a barrier for downloading even if you are in another country.

The app has extensive information on historical emergency events for a given region, emergency preparedness tips, potential natural disasters, and much more. Travel abroad knowing you will be safe and your family kept in the know.

There are thousands of other apps you can choose from to keep you posted on emergency events around the world. However, these provide a more efficient and reliable service no matter the location you are. Your safety depends on you, and there are local authorities in collaboration with technology-driven entities, which have made it easier for you to achieve it. 

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