Preparing Your Homestead for Survival: Homestead Maintenance is Important

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Homestead Maintenance is Important? There are so many different things to consider when taking on the concept of building a homestead. Location, protection, workability, and the concept of being able to almost hide in plain sight.

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Homestead Maintenance is necessary whether you live on-site or off – to make sure everything is ready and working for when you actually need to be there. When the SHTF the last thing you want to do is worry about a leaky roof, or how to navigate your own property.

Preparing Your Homestead for Survival: Homestead Maintenance is Important

I feel that it boils down to three basic things when looking at homestead maintenance: the property, avoiding squatters, and the buildings themselves.

If you break it down into those three categories, and prepare for each, you should be all set with this topic.

Keep up with the property

It doesn’t matter if you have half an acre or five full acres, you need to be able to access it ALL. This means you have to clean up the shrubs, trees, and even the grass.

For smaller jobs, I like the Scuddles Garden Tools Set. Some basic gardening tools can help you get a small farming operation started, possibly growing a few vegetable plants, but also larger items will be needed to trim the shrubs.

As for the grass? Will you have any livestock? Keep your chickens, rabbits, goats, or cows rotating around different areas of your land to keep the grass ans weeds in check.

The trick here is to keep the land from looking abandoned or even triggering the local municipality to issue you ticket/fine for noxious weeds, etc.

Keeping it from looking abandoned can take us to the next item: squatters.

Proper upkeep keeps squatters away

if your property doesn’t look abandoned or left alone, then people will be less likely to take up shelter in your property while you’re away.

This is totally a thing – there is an actual science to how some of these people pick a property to set up on, and depending on where it is? They are almost impossible to get rid of.

The Law That Lets You Legally Steal Houses – why you need to prevent squatters!

The trick is to keep them from even thinking about encroaching on your land right off the bat. Let me start by saying that squatting is not legal. In many cases, squatters can be considered trespassers—individuals living in or on the property without the owner’s permission and/or knowledge.

If you are in a true SHTF scenario and come across a squatter – that isn’t going to make one bit of difference. If they have found your supplies, defenses, and have truly dug themselves in? You could be screwed.

How long does it take to become a squatter?

Each state has its own laws surrounding adverse possession. In some states, squatters need seven years of continuous possession to lay claim on privately-owned property. There may also be other requirements to fulfill the claim.

What states have squatter laws?

“Squatters” rights are actually there to protect tenants from being abused by their landlords. If you’re kicked out with no notice, chances are, you won’t have somewhere else to go and will end up homeless. Oddly enough, squatter rights are a legal loophole that protect people who break into vacation houses and squat there.

The states with the worst (for you) problem would be

  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana (30 years)
  • Maine
  • Maryland

Once you have a squatter issue, it can be difficult to remedy it! The police won’t be help without getting the court system involved. The police can remove trespassers immediately. However, they can’t remove squatters. It is that pesky squatter’s rights thing again…

Can I kill a squatter?

Um, no. If you are in your residence and are in fear for your life from the presence of an intruder, you can use deadly force to protect yourself. However, if someone (a squatter) moves into a house you own, you cannot use self-help (including shooting them) to remove them.

Of course, all rules go out the window in a SHTF scenario.

By keeping things from looking abandoned, but not letting them seem too attractive, you should be able to prevent this from being a problem for you.

Monthly Home Maintenance Worksheet

Get our FREE Printable worksheet here that you can add to your homesteading binder – it sets out a plan to keep your homestead maintained over the course of a month with simple daily tasks.

Monthly Home Maintenance Worksheet

Don’t let the house deteriorate

If you have ever taken a drive in the country, you can see old farms slowly falling apart. Barns with the roof caved in, sheds leaning at a strange angle, even houses with windows broken out and paint peeling off the siding.

Nature can quickly reclaim its own and it is up to you to keep that from happening. You need to keep an eye on foundations, sidewalks and driveways, gutters, roofs, windows, and so much more that it might seem overwhelming.

Make a list of everything you can possibly think of and then break it down into twelve different lists so you can focus on one each month. Winter time is great for indoor items, spring a good time to look at roofs and gutters, structural work over the summer, and then winter proofing for fall.

Are you on or off the grid? What kind of utilities do you use? Make sure all the utilities there are still functioning as intended when you visit. Occasionally fire up that generator, test out those solar chargers, etc.

The big thing is to make any repairs you need to as soon as you spot a problem. A torn shingle can lead to a leak in the roof. That can lead to water inside, which will not only deteriorate your structure, but encourage growth of things like black mold.

Nip it all in the bud.

Leaves may seem like a small thing, but he found that fire ant nest! That would suck if they got inside!

Leaves are a bugger – they clog gutters and then when a hard rain comes, you lose that important drainage. It can back up, damage the roof, flood the basement, and so much more.

In that video? Those leaves were hiding a worse problem that he was able to take care of before it became a serious issue! Nature at its best – working against us.

Just make a plan

If you consider those three things, make a list of all you can think of, and break it down into bite-sized pieces, it is very manageable to accommodate all of your Homestead Maintenance.

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