Preparing Your Homestead for Survival: Stay Away from the City

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In a SHTF situation, there are two mindsets about what to do. Some people believe that you should automatically bug out, while others believe that you should bug in. Personally, I believe you should plan to stay away from the city, and preparing your homestead for survival should reflect that.

Preparing Your Homestead for Survival: Stay Away from the City picture of a large city

Cities will be the worst places during an emergency – as services are shut off and the supply trains are disrupted, many problems will arise. Before you know it, high populations will start to move out and you will find more and more people on your property.

Preparing Your Homestead for Survival: Stay Away from the City

There are pros and cons to both decisions. One pro for bugging in (which means staying home) is that you can have more supplies at home. But a con could be that your neighborhood is no longer stable enough for you or your family’s safety.

Too close is dangerous

If that’s the case, then you’d have to make the choice to go. Keeping in mind that people who live in the suburbs who need to get out could be heading your way.

Not knowing where to go and not having any idea how you’re going to take care of the rest of the supplies you need is a problem a lot of people will be facing. They need to wait until they can put together what they need before they can head out. If they are forced to leave, then they’ll struggle to survive or get desperate enough to become a threat.

Having a place to go, and being ready for an emergency means you won’t be competing with hundreds or thousands of others who are going through the same thing. Plus, if your city is under attack, it would be a con to stay regardless of how well – or not – you prepared.

You are planning for YOUR family, not a lot of others so making sure you have a place outside of the city is good for the possibility that a short-term event you’re dealing with may turn into a long-term situation.

Keep to yourself

Have you ever noticed that people out in large plots of land tend to keep to themselves? Compare this to people from the cities will try to group together. When you are in a SHTF situation and are looking at either bugging out or getting to your homestead, you need to stay isolated from them.

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Check Your Bug Out Bag for Sounds

If you’ve ever noticed, most stories about thieves tell a tale of people who are sneaking around, trying to be quiet and unnoticed while they get what they want and make a clean getaway.

That’s because the thief knows that making sounds attract attention. While you’re not a thief, you do want to keep in mind how one operates. You want to be able to bug out quickly with an emphasis on doing it quietly.

Not only is bugging out not the time to be singing out loud, clapping your hands to get attention, or talking loudly on a communication device, it’s also not the time to have any item on your body or in your bug-out bag that’s making noise.

This is one area that so many people fail to check ahead of time. Then disaster strikes, they grab their bug-out bag and take off. But they’re leaving behind a sound trail that can alert others to their location.

Sounds attract the attention of anyone nearby and they can also echo. Depending on what’s making the noise, the sound can reverberate and lead a predator or an unsavory human right to your location.

Before the bug-out situation ever happens, once your bag is packed, you need to check it to see if you’re able to move it without it making any noise. Don’t just pick it up and put it down.

You need to check it the way that you plan on wearing it. Strap it on and walk around with it. Take a short hike with it while listening for any sounds. If something is making noise, stop and find out what it is.

Rearrange your bag if you have to so that it’s silent. What some preppers do is pack their bug-out bag, making sure it’s quiet, then set it aside somewhere, not thinking about it again until the day of crisis happens.

Then they grab it and go. The problem with that is that things can shift due to heat expansion, cold weather, and someone or something bumping the bag – especially if the bag isn’t tightly packed.

So when something is now making noise. During the moment when you have to bug out, that’s not when you want to be trying to fix a sound that could draw attention to yourself.

Make sure that nothing is rattling, shifting, crinkling, or clanging together. You also want to make sure your bag doesn’t give any creaking or scratching sounds when you’re on the move.

I know this sounds crazy, but if you are working your way to your homestead, and are in the midst of others leaving for greener pastures, you want to attract as little attention to yourself as possible.

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Initial traffic will be bad

People escaping from the city will result in crowded roads. It doesn’t matter if they are driving, riding bikes, or on foot – it’ll take a lot longer to reach your own location when you are in the midst of others. Forget about having to stop at a gas station – there will be incredibly long lines!

Picking the Best Location for You to Bug Out

When you have to bug out, you need to make sure that you’re heading to the right destination. It’s always best to have a plan well before the SHTF situation actually happens. Keep this in mind when looking for where to set up your homestead. It is important to Stay Away from the City, but be close enough that it is accessible for you.

You don’t want to leave anything to chance. If you haven’t chosen a site yet, you’ll want to avoid the mass mentality. Camping and getting to the woods like touristy forest areas will be on everyone’s mind – so don’t go there.

Remember that during a time of chaos, being in a crowd of people isn’t what’s best. That old rule that there’s safety in numbers doesn’t apply when a SHTF situation occurs.

It’s every man for himself. You want to make sure that your location – if you have to head out on foot – is somewhere that’s not as populated. Get away from the people. Head out deep into the woods in a pre-scouted location if possible.

You’ll want a location where you can see others coming so that you’re not easily ambushed. For homestead scouting, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind for when everything around you turns into chaos.

Having a good place to homestead can ensure your safety as well as your long-term survival. Ahead of time, know the population count of the area. Figure out whether or not the area will become overrun from an influx of people trying to escape the chaos.

Look for any possible obstacles that might stand in the way that would keep you from reaching the location during a SHTF time. The key to homestead scouting is to make sure that the area you pick will not be touched by the upheaval that you left behind and it is the reason to stay away from the city.

The area needs to have a way that you can create a sustainable, renewable source of food. So that means you need to know the growing potential of the land. Not all soil is good for growing things.

You’ll want to know what the weather is going to be like – because if you’re going to be using a rain barrel system, you’ll need to figure what the potential supply could be. You’ll need to make sure that the homestead area isn’t easily accessed by any major roads.

You don’t want those fleeing the chaotic situation you left behind showing up. Your homestead area should have shelter structures on it that you either planned for in advance or you can turn into a long-term shelter if necessary.

The area should also be one that isn’t in a flood zone. You’ll need room to house animals like cows and chickens to help sustain life. Prepare all of this before you need it if you can. If not, scout the location that you believe you can set up a new normal again.

Planning ahead is important

That is what this series is all about – being prepared BEFORE a problem happens. When Preparing Your Homestead for Survival, location is more important than you could know.

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